Our nutrition consultations are designed to address your health concerns and how your diet may be contributing to your symptoms. We can also discuss how to improve your daily nutritional intake if you wish.

During the consultation we’ll discuss:
• Which foods you should moderate or avoid altogether
• Whether you should take specific supplements
• If you should add foods to fill nutritional gaps

We understand the changes can be hard at first. So, after your initial consultation, we recommend at least one follow-up to monitor your progress.

Initial 45mins is complimentary with one 20 minute follow-up appointment per month.


Nutrijuvenate Clinic

This pioneering service, which is being offered in partnership with Minerva Research Labs, as part of John Bell & Croyden’s InResidence Nutrition Clinic.

 Are you looking to:

✔ Improve your quality of life
✔ Enhance your lifestyle and nutrition
✔ See whether you have food intolerances
✔ Improve hormonal imbalances
✔ Reduce fatigue and stress
✔ Help target digestion problems
✔ Learn of potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies

We use a tool called the“E.I.S.” (Electro Interstitial Scan) also known as a Bioenergetic electro dermal device. You’ll enjoy a non-invasive, relaxing session with our nutritionist and be able to get your individualised results along with a treatment plan, which will help support your bodies needs with the right nutrients and care for a lifetime.

Click here for our booking page and for availability. Consultations can also be booked in-store, by phone at 0207 935 5555 or by emailing

Did you know? Vitamins and minerals have no calories.