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Must have products to pamper yourself at home

Constantly seeking out the best skincare and beauty brands, our Beauty Buyer, Daniel Gill, reveals the products everyone should have in their collection. From skincare that wakes your skin up to uplifting aromatic scents that will transform your bathroom into a Home Spa!


Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil

This multi award-winning sleep formula is hand-crafted with a unique and therapeutic essential oil complex that will promote a restful and deeper sleep. Your body will love it.



"One of my all time favourite products, the deep relax bath and shower oil from Aromatherapy Associates contains vetivert, sandalwood and chamomile to soothe the senses and turns your bathroom into a beautifully fragranced oasis of calm."



Phyto Detox Pre-Shampoo Mask

Take a break from the busy lifestyle and detox your scalp with this Detox Pre Shampoo Mask by Phyto. A blend of Eucalyptus essential oil ideal for polluted and asphyxiated hair, Ghassoul with its strong absorption power and Burdock extraction, that helps detoxify the scalp.



"This pre shampoo mask is a great way to get rid of product and hard water build up in the hair and gives the scalp a really deep cleanse. Use it one to two times per week for ten minutes before shampooing."



R-Retinoate Intense Night

8x stronger than retinol and 11x faster. This revolutionary blend of retinyl retinoate and crystal-stabilised retinaldehyde will provide you extraordinary visible results.



"Now is the perfect time to get your skin in check and treat your skin with a retinol product while we all have little exposure to the sun.

R-Retinoate is one of my favourites because it is the first cream to have retinyl retinoate, retinaldehyde, ceramides and peptides all together- these ingredients stimulate the fibroblasts in the skin to produce more collagen and elastin, leading to a firmer smoother complexion."



100% natural, expertly blended, Happiness fragrance intricately blends 7 essential oils of white neroli, woody and powdery mimosa and zingy lemon, which can help you feel more positive and uplifted.



"Loaded with white neroli and zingy lemon, this is the perfect scent to uplift and boost your mood whilst working from home."


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