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Learn more about Tolpa Skincare with Dermatologist Dr Alia Ahmed

Learn more about Tolpa Skincare with Dermatologist Dr Alia Ahmed

By M. Borriero
Dr Alia Ahmed Tolpa Dermo Face

Tolpa Skincare is the new dermocosmetic skincare range for women and men. Inspired by nature and dermatologically proven, Tolpa products are designed to treat specific skin conditions such as blemishes, acne, rosacea, oiliness and dehydration. In the UK, Tolpa has signed renowned consultant dermatologist Dr Alia Ahmed, aka The Psychodermatologist, as an independent consultant and we had the honour of speaking with her. Read more about how to maintain healthy and happy skin this winter!

Peat is in the DNA of all Tolpa skincare products. What are the main properties, and why is it so great for the skin?

Dr Alia Ahmed: Peat has several properties:

  • Antioxidant properties that protect the skin, this is cleverly combined with other actives to tailor to common skin problems like acne, rosacea and sensitive skin.
  • Antibacterial and astringent properties that fight bacteria and inflammation, such as that seen in acne and rosacea.
  • Skin barrier protection makes skin less susceptible to irritation and external damage.

What do you think are the golden rules to maintain healthy and happy skin?

Dr Alia Ahmed: Choose products with active ingredients to unclog pores, brighten and smooth skin, apply a sunscreen daily to protect against harmful UV rays, and tailor skincare to the needs of your own skin and remember… needs change over time. Last but not least, make sure you choose a skin-loving lifestyle. For example, sleep at least 7-8 hours, moisturise your skin during the day and maintain a balanced diet!

Tolpa Skincare Rosacal

We are heading into colder months, and skin could become red and irritated. What would you recommend to someone who suffers from rosacea?

Dr Alia Ahmed: I recommend the Tolpa Rosacal range as the products are tailored to the issues faced by people with rosacea (e.g. inflammation, sensitivity, and a disrupted skin barrier). Some of the key actives in the Rosacal range are Tolpa peat, Tolpa’s active botanical complex, Japanese pagoda tree extract, seawater and pumpkin seed complex and white hibiscus extract. Tolpa’s Active botanical complex consists of arnica, chestnut, witch hazel, ivy, vine and St John’s wort – which together work to improve skin tone, regulate blood microcirculation and help prevent fragility of the capillaries.

Japanese pagoda tree extract acts as antioxidant, is soothing and prevents premature skin ageing. It inhibits enzymes harmful to blood vessels, and reduce permeability as well as elasticity. Seawater and pumpkin seed complex soothes skin to reduce skin inflammation, reactivity and sensitivity, white hibiscus extract combined antioxidant properties and is a natural source of AHAs.

The range includes a Strengthening Regenerating Cream that works overnight to repair skin, perfect for combating the effects of cold weather. The daytime Strengthening Soothing Cream is tinted to combat the redness that some skin experiences and has moisturising properties to keep skin hydrated during temperature changes so often experienced in winter.

How often should you exfoliate?

Dr Alia Ahmed: Exfoliating the skin can help remove impurities and lighten the skin. It improves the surface of the skin and prepares it for the application of products, improving their effectiveness. The most important thing is not to over exfoliate and the optimal frequency depends on the individual. Tolerant skin can take daily exfoliation, but sensitive skin probably need less.

Do you need different products for morning and evening?

Dr Alia Ahmed: Some products can be used during the day as well as at night, such as cleansers and face washes. Others are specifically designed specifically for daytime use (e.g., sunscreens, mattifying products) or night-time use (e.g., night creams). Your skin may also benefit from using certain active ingredients during the day, such as antioxidants, as they protect against the formation of free radicals triggered by UV rays. I tend to advise products that require more time, such as face masks, to be used in the evenings.

Tolpa believes that it is important for men to use skincare products that are tailored to their specific skin. How does male and female skin differ, and what products would you recommend?

Dr Alia Ahmed: Skin pigmentation and thickness is higher in males. Men can also produce more sebum, due to the effect of hormones. Men’s facial skin is hair-bearing, with often thicker and denser hair distribution than females. These factors together can exacerbate issue like inflammation, congestion and acne. Men’s skin is also prone to more prominent signs of ageing, such as deeper wrinkles.

For men, I recommend regular use of a face wash that is effective at removing impurities, oil-regulating products (e.g. moisturisers or serums), and products that offer skin protection benefits (e.g. prevention and treatment of irritability, blemishes and sensitivity). Products that target signs of premature ageing are also indicated for male skin.

Tolpa’s skincare collection for men includes targeted products formulated specifically for male skin:

  • Pure Carbon Face Wash Gel – with deep cleansing charcoal to remove impurities and a give a mattifying effect.
  • Pure Anti-shine Gel Cream and Hydro Intensive Moisturising Water Gel – both designed to provide hydration without adding shine.
  • Anti-Ageing Cream – which prevents the signs of premature ageing and protects against environmental factors.

How can you help to keep acne at bay?

Dr Alia Ahmed: Acne is a product of three issues – pore clogging, sebum production and acne-promoting bacteria. Each of these can be targeted through actives in skincare. Use a face wash that is designed to unclog pores, choose lightweight moisturisers/serums that control oil production and mattify during the day, and incorporate exfoliants into your routine in toners or face peels.

My top tip is to use overnight products that work to reduce all three of these issues, so that you wake up with your skin ready for the day ahead. My recommendations are – Tolpa Sebio Face Wash Gel 3 Enzyme, Tolpa Sebio Normalizing Moisturizing Cream, Tolpa Sebio Micro Exfoliating Essence Toner 3 Enzymes, Tolpa Sebio + CICA correcting cream overnight, and Tolpa’s 3-enzyme Face Peel or Sebio Max Effect Gommage Exfoliating Mask with Silver a few times a week.

What’s your favourite product?

Dr Alia Ahmed: I love the Tolpa Sebio+ CICA Correcting Cream – it contains targeted ingredients (salicylic acid, Sepicontrol™ A5, zinc and myrrh extract) to reduce the appearance of acne, as well as dealing with some of the unwanted after effects such as blemishes and discolouration. It also has hydrating properties that counteract irritation and sensitivity.

Where do you source the ingredients from?

Tolpa Dermo Face: All our raw materials come from responsible sources, and we follow their paths from the moment of creation to delivery to ensure this.

What can you tell us about your commitment to sustainability and the planet?

Tolpa Dermo Face:Tolpa strives to be as sustainable as possible. Our environment and purchasing policies include only sustainable resources, and all our raw materials come from responsible sources. At the same time, we also think about our planet in the context of the packaging of our products from the moment they are made – from using the least amount of packaging necessary to reduce raw material usage as well as transportation costs, to always looking at ways to increase the use of recycled materials when creating our packaging. We are constantly working on reducing the carbon footprint of our organization.

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