Declutter with Decree - Masterclass with Dr Anita Sturnham

Explore how to simplify your daily and weekly skincare routine and reveal your best skin yet through the Decree ethos of Smart, Straightforward, Scientific, Supportive Skincare. Join us for a unique and intimate discussion with Dr Anita Sturnham, founder of Decree and a GP specialising in Dermatology.

Masterclass Decree Dr Anita Sturnham

 *Limited spaces, please arrive at least 10 min before the start of the event at 5.30 pm*

17:15 – 18:30 BST
Thursday, June 9, 2022


Ticket sales are final and non-refundable. You can redeem the price of your ticket against a min £10 spend on Decree in John Bell & Croyden (in-store only).

At the end of the Masterclass, we will be issuing your £10 voucher valid in-store for 30 days from the event's date (until 9th July 2022).

About Decree

After years of successfully treating skincare issues, Dr Anita Sturnham designed the Decree range to help anyone, of any age, any gender, improve their skin health.

The Decree range is a perfect example of modern minimalism, with everything you need to balance and nourish your skin contained within its streamlined AM, PM, WEEKLY and SOS regimens. The product ingredients and formulations work together to optimise results, but they can also be incorporated into your existing routine.

At the Masterclass, you will be able to consult Dr Anita about your skincare concerns and routine while trying the innovative & cruelty-free Decree range.

We will be offering all participants a goodie bag of £69 value at the end of the event.

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