Dietetics Consultation (60 minutes) £100

Our dietetic consultations are designed to assist you in achieving your nutrition and health goals by addressing your dietary and health concerns, your lifestyle and food preferences.

This includes:

  • Anthropometry assessment
  • Diet assessment
  • Health risk assessment
  • Individualised plan to help you achieve your nutrition goals

£50 is redeemable in-store on the day of the consultation.


Dietetics follow-up Consultation (30 minutes) £50

30 minute follow-up review to monitor progress and make adjustments to your nutrition plan if required. Reviews are recommended especially for those with more complex health conditions.


Nutrijuvenate Clinic

This pioneering service, which is being offered in partnership with Minerva Research Labs, as part of John Bell & Croyden’s InResidence Nutrition Clinic.

 Are you looking to:

✔ Improve your quality of life
✔ Enhance your lifestyle and nutrition
✔ See whether you have food intolerances
✔ Improve hormonal imbalances
✔ Reduce fatigue and stress
✔ Help target digestion problems
✔ Learn of potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies

We use a tool called the“E.I.S.” (Electro Interstitial Scan) also known as a Bioenergetic electro dermal device. You’ll enjoy a non-invasive, relaxing session with our nutritionist and be able to get your individualised results along with a treatment plan, which will help support your bodies needs with the right nutrients and care for a lifetime.

Services Time/ Prices Consultation
MINERVA Research Labs Nutirjuvenate™ Clinic 90 minutes | £180 Vidhi Patel
MINERVA Research Labs Nutirjuvenate™ Clinic Follow-up 60 minutes | £110 Vidhi Patel

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Did you know? Vitamins and minerals have no calories.