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Meet the Founder - ION SEI

Meet the Founder - ION SEI

By M Borriero
Ayako Wasiliew

Q&A with Ayako Wasiliew

Continuing a legacy of fine Japanese craftsmanship, ION-Sei was founded by Sanyei to revolutionise oral care at home. This week we spoke to Ayako Wasiliew to find out more about the technology used and why good oral hygiene is so important to a person’s wellbeing.

Q: What is the ION-Sei sonic toothbrush and what makes it so unique? 

A: The ION-Sei sonic toothbrush masterfully combines ionic technology with the natural elements of water and light to suppress the production of plaque. It helps to reduce the risk of gum disease, decay and bacteria growth to provide a long-lasting, deeper clean. The revolutionary technology provides a holistic and preventative approach to at-home oral care and dental hygiene to improve overall health and wellbeing, both inside and out. Supporting gentle brushing, the ION-Sei brush offers three modes to suit a person’s needs as well as a number of bristle head options, including standard, soft, compact soft and Bincho carbon incorporated bristle heads to further reduce sensitivity. 


Q: So, what are the benefits of using it?

A: The benefit of using the ION-Sei brush is that it supports and encourages gentle-brushing: many people are unaware that you do not need to brush your teeth hard in order to get a better clean. In fact, harsh brushing may cause excessive abrasion to your teeth, so it is actually worse for your teeth than doing any good. With ION-Sei, your brush does all the work as the bristles are designed to work along the gum line: normal spiral bristles are combined with tapered bristles that are much softer yet more effective on your mouth.

Q: Why is good oral hygiene so important to a person’s wellbeing, especially right now?

A: A good daily oral hygiene routine is so important as it prevents not only diseases and decay in the mouth, but also in the entire body. If we do not care for our oral hygiene, then this neglect can lead to other serious health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. ION-Sei encourages a holistic approach to oral health – especially during the current situation, where we need to maintain a strong immune system and overall body health. Our teeth work daily to process the fuel we need to live and our mouth is the gateway for all communication – by maintaining a healthy oral routine, we are setting up our body for optimum health and wellbeing. 


Q: Do you use it like a normal toothbrush; for example, do you need toothpaste?

A: Due to it harnessing the elemental powers of nature, you can use your ION-Sei as a normal toothbrush with traditional toothpaste or with water depending on your preference. The reason it is possible to only use water is because the ionic technology incorporated in the brush only needs water to work, however using toothpaste doesn’t disrupt the impact of the ionic reaction created, so you can use both.

Q: Where did the concept originally come from?

A: Established in 1946, Sanyei is an international company based in Japan, known for its outstanding craftsmanship and innovative lifestyle products. Having developed and manufactured products for over 20 years, Sanyei worked with professional experts to launch the ION-Sei toothbrush in 2017 in order to create a holistic approach to oral care and dental hygiene. ION-Sei provides a high-quality oral care product that supports a healthy oral environment, contributing to the overall health of the body. The ION-Sei design inspires people to enjoy life more and experience the Japanese-style comfort in their own hand and strives to be a valuable addition to their personal care routine. 

Q: It incorporates an ultra-violet (UV) LED light – how does this work and what’s the benefit?

A: Our teeth and plaque naturally have a negative charge, and our saliva contains a positive charge – this “opposites attract” method is what binds the plaque to our teeth. The ION-Sei electric toothbrush incorporates an ultra-violet (UV) LED light in the tip which generates an ionic reaction with the titanium dioxide bar in the brush handle, and a photocatalytic reaction occurs. With this electrical charge created, your teeth are charged to repel the plaque so it is unable to bind to the teeth.

Q: There are different modes – can you tell us more about these?

A: In order to support gentle brushing, the ION-Sei offers three different modes. The three modes are sensitive, standard, and deep. The difference in these modes is identified by the amounts of strokes per minute your electronic toothbrush gives you. With the sensitive mode, the brush offers 18,000 stokes/min, standard mode is 24,000/min, and deep mode offers 31,000 strokes/min. The higher the mode, the more intense clean you receive. The ION-Sei works primarily with ionic technology, and the variations of the sonic vibrations serve as an additional function in cleaning by removing larger food residues. Since the ions specifically inhibit the growth of the plaque bacteria, no other strong mechanical movement is necessary, and you do not have to use additional hand movements.

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