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A great night’s sleep can change your life.

Dedicated to your wellbeing and the vitality that a great night’s sleep brings to our waking life. Research shows we sleep better with wool. Because surrounding yourself in the natural qualities of the finest Australian merino wool will give you a better night’s sleep, Shleep created ShleepHalo™ the first ultra-luxurious bedlinen for an extraordinary night’s sleep.

Smooth as silk and a luxurious as cashmere, Shleep combines the softness and health benefits of the finest Australian merino wool, with high performance attributes. Innovation has enhanced natural breathability and thermaland moisture regulation to create a luxurious, easy-care natural fabric.


Shleep Sheets

ShleepHalo™ luxurious natural fabrics naturally perform better, and their inherent qualities make its products easy to care for. The finest Australian merino wool fibre is naturally resistant to stain and odour, and most ShleepHalo™ products are machine washable. innovative fabrics, created to surround you in wellness inducing sleep. Known for its supreme softness and durability, and natural thermal and moisture control characteristics, fine merino is prized by textile and fashion designers for its beauty and performance.

shleep blankets

Calming Blankets & Throws

The world-first 100% natural luxury weighted blanket – the Calming Blanket's weight comes from the length of the fleece. Nothing relaxes you into sleep faster than our Merino Knit Fleece completely reversible, natural calming weighted blanket.

The reversible Merino Knit Fleece throw is a versatile and stylish addition to your bedroom or home decor that offers two looks in one. The softness and touch for a perfect night sleep, a cozy bedtime routine or a great sofa nap too. The double-sided fleece is woven with cotton and silk thread to keep the natural softness.

shleep beauty

Spa Headbands & Sleep Masks

With amazing natural stretch and lined with silky soft fabric, the Spa headband will become your daily essential, as you unwind and prepare for the best night’s sleep, wherever your dreams and travels take you.

Sleep mask beautifully made of luxurious finest Australian merino knitted fleece or merino jersey, and lined with silky soft fabric that rests gently on your face. Velcro fastening for perfect adjustment as you relax into a deep, healthy sleep.

shleep leisurewear

Bath Robes

Experience the epitome of opulence and comfort with the unisex Merino Knit Fleece post bath relaxation robe, perfect for lounging or indulging in outdoor leisure. This majestic robe features a snug collar, a waist-cinching tie belt, and exquisite trims made from Shleep's Merino Jersey fabric. It offers a lavish embrace without the use of animal skin, allowing you to revel in luxury with a clear conscience. 

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