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Q&A with Isabelle Lewenhaupt, CEO of Björk and Berries

Q&A with Isabelle Lewenhaupt, CEO of Björk and Berries

By M. Borriero
This week we spoke to Isabelle Lewenhaupt, CEO of Björk and Berries, the beauty brand inspired by Swedish nature. Started as a small local project in the deep forests of northern Sweden, the eco luxury brand aims to combine hand-picked, botanical and organic ingredients with advanced technology to create highly effective skincare products. All Björk and Berries products are cruelty-free and kind to skin, nature, animals and people.
Q: What's the inspiration behind the brand?

A: «Our inspiration comes from Swedish flora and the contrasts of our seasons, the dark winters and almost constant light of summer. Mystical wonders and folklore traditions have woven tales describing nature for centuries. We also find a lot of inspiration in our Mountain Garden at Fäviken farm in northern Sweden. Here, we grow herbs for our Bath Salt and explore the vast and wild nature».

Q: You believe in the "Swedish secret". Can you share this with us?

A: «The wonderful and magic Swedish nature can be unforgiving but so beautiful, with the distinct seasons and quick weather changes from warm to cold. This is what we learn from when developing our skincare line, where we use potent ingredients from the Swedish flora, and it inspires us to create the different scents. We live close to nature and we want to capture the feeling it conveys in our scents and formulas».

Q: Björk & Berries products are produced according to the Ecoluxury Criteria. Can you tell us more about it?

A: «To ensure that all Björk and Berries products are safe and natural, we have our own standard when we create our formulas. We call it our Eco-Luxury Criteria. Eco for us means carefully selecting the most potent ingredients that nature has to offer to develop clean, non-toxic formulas that are kind to skin, people, animals and nature. Luxury means we never compromise on results and quality; we create refined products where texture, scent and performance are all of equal importance.

We are always transparent, every product is labelled with its percentage of natural and organic ingredients. We are always free from parabens, mineral oils and silicones. All our products are made in Sweden».

Q: What are the main ingredients used in your formulations?

A: «Björk actually means Birch in Swedish. Our organic Swedish complex that you can find in all of our hand and body products is a blend of Birch, Chamomile and Sea Buckthorn.

The Birch tree for us is a symbol of the Swedish flora. Its bark, sap and leaves, have all been used in traditional treatments of various skin conditions. The sap, mixed with water can even become a drinkable detoxifier. We use water and extract from the birch leaf because of its hydrating, nourishing, softening, calming, toning and purifying effects on skin (it sounds incredible, but it’s true). Extract from the leaf is also known to boost elasticity and firmness.

Recently we launched an advanced trio of face oils, all containing one super berry each: Blueberry, Raspberry and Sea Buckthorn».

Bjork and Berries Body Serum
Q: What can you tell us about your commitment to sustainability and the planet?

A: «We are constantly evolving and looking for new ways to make smarter, multi-use products that are more sustainable when it comes to use, ingredients and packaging. As an example, all our Eau de Perfumes are made with organic fermented alcohol from vegetable food waste.

Recently we updated all our plastic bottles to 100% recycled plastic, and our commitment is to only use FSC paper».

Q: What are your bestsellers?
Bjork and Berries White Forest

A: «Our scents, inspired by the Swedish seasons and mythical and historical wonders, can be found in our collection of Eau de Perfumes as well as in our bath and body products. The unique natural and organic formulas together with our signature scents are very popular, like the White Forest and Never Spring series».

Last year we launched our new scent Fjällsjö as wash and lotion. Fjällsjö means Mountain Lake and is inspired by the mountains in the north of Sweden called Fjällen. In the summer months, the ground turns green and shadows from the sky above paint a blurry picture on a blue, windless lake – Fjällsjö. Fjällsjö brings to life the fresh scent of cold water and soapy skin with warm tones of a cotton towel. 

Q: Why choose Björk & Berries?

A: «Our mission is to share our nature and beauty with the world, in the finest high quality scent experiences and advanced skincare products. We will slowly and organically grow with our vision. We are a small but global company, and our products can be found in stores in a number of markets worldwide».

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