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Verdilab skincare

ImmunatuRNA®: The First Natural Complex that Supports The Skin’s Innate Immunity

By M Borriero

Victoria Neymann, VERDILAB Founder and CEO, explains what ImmunatuRNA® is and how it can transform your skin.

Verdilab Immunaturna


IMMUNATURNA is our cutting-edge, patent-pending, Signature Complex that reinforces the natural immunity of the skin. It is the scientific heart of VERDILAB cosmetics.

Is it really based on 50 years of research? How was it created?

This is a true family story that I am always happy to share.

It was started by my grandfather, a cutting-edge scientist and a pioneer of immunology, who investigated it at the very beginning of this medical science in the 1960’s. My father, a professor of Immunology and Allergology, has followed into his footsteps. He discovered the unique property of RNA molecules to boost cell immunity and eliminate toxins.

Within 5 decades, his breakthrough discovery was validated through clinical trials on over 10,000 patients with 30 different diseases, including severe skin disorders. He was also granted a PATENT for the synthesis of natural RNA from yeast - the form that I used creating IMMUNATURNA®.

Verdilab Immunaturna skincare

Can you unveil what is inside this Signature Complex?

Absolutely, as I believe that science without transparency is meaningless. The beauty of IMMUNATURNA® is that it is completely natural and naturally powerful.

Its proprietary composition includes natural RNA molecules obtained from yeasts that regulate the proper activity of immune cells to ensure the skin’s protection against various pathogens and toxins. It supports the skin’s microbiome and accelerates regenerative processes in the skin. It includes Marine Exopolysaccharides - pure and natural molecules obtained from marine microplankton that support skin immunity and reduce over reactivity. The formula also contains medium weight molecules of natural Hyaluronic Acid and Verdilab skincare immunaturnapure Sea Water, which is rich in 62 mineral salts and trace-elements essential to the vitality and proper functioning of skin cells.

To ensure deeper penetration into the skin, we developed a Natural Biomimetic Transdermal Delivery System that consists of natural origin phospholipid bilayer microcapsules, which have a structure similar to the that of cell membranes. These microcapsules preserve the integrity of the delicate components of our Signature Complex and increase their penetration into the deeper layers of the epidermis.

Why it is beneficial to our skin?

The scientific data shows that IMMUNATURNA® is very powerful. We demonstrated in research conducted at independent research institutes that IMMUNATURNA® strongly:

- boosts skin regeneration
- activates skin defence factors
- accelerates cellular repair

We have witnessed that it almost doubled the healing properties of the skin. Skin treated with IMMUNATURNA® can auto-repair itself twice as fast. I believe it is very powerful. It can literally help transform your skin. It accelerates all the regenerative processes so you can enjoy healthier, more balanced, and more beautiful skin very quickly. And all in a 100% natural way.

And I am happy that you can now fully benefit all of its amazing properties using VERDILAB products, now available at John Bell and Croyden.

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