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Meet the Founder & CEO of Verdilab

Meet the Founder & CEO of Verdilab

By M Borriero
Verdilab Founder

We spoke to Victoria Neymann, Founder and CEO of Verdilab – 100% natural, clean, Swiss skincare brand, powered by ImmunatuRNA®, made to change your skin and your life for the better.

The beauty category is very crowded, so why did you decide to launch VERDILAB?

That's an excellent question. You may know that I'm a medical doctor, but most of my professional life I've spent in the natural pharmaceutical and beauty industries. The medical tradition has always been very strong in my family, so I followed in my grandfather’s and father’s footsteps, they are both professors and pioneers in the field of immunology. From the very beginning, I was attracted by the practical application of scientific inventions. Hence my professional life turned out in a completely different way.

During my adventure in the pharmaceutical industry, I worked with herbal remedies. This is where, over a period of seven years, I built my knowledge of natural medicine, discovering its unique power. Looking back, I now see this was when my great passion for nature was born.

Verdilab Founder

Finally, after over 20 years of experience in the pharma and beauty industries, I realized that it was time to make a change in my own way. My dream was clear – I wanted to create high-tech but all-natural skincare with the power to support the skin’s natural immune abilities using the scientific legacy of my father. I wanted to go with my own standards of clean beauty and offer cosmetics without any synthetic or irritant ingredients. I wanted to utilize the healing power of pure nature, which I truly believe can bring real results. Ultimately, my goal was to inspire people to re-think and revise their approach to beauty - for the sake of their health and the health of our planet.

So, coming back to your question – was I concerned with how crowded the industry was? No, I wasn’t. If you have a dream, a passion – it really doesn't matter.

What sets your brand and products apart?

That would unquestionably be the way we have put our proven scientific research to good use, making products that are 100% natural and that adhere to our uncompromising principles regarding what “clean beauty” is and should be.

And that is perfectly captured in our motto – “The New Luxury that Works.” To us, luxury does not mean a high price, inaccessibility, or snobbery. It means NATURE and HEALTH - I believe these values have become a real luxury today.

We are a health-oriented beauty company. Our cosmetics are science-backed – powered by our cutting-edge, patent-pending Signature Complex, based on my father’s scientific discovery. It has the power to support the skin's natural immunity. It strongly accelerates the regenerative properties of our skin so that skin can heal itself almost twice as fast! And believe me, it brings a new level of effectiveness to skincare.

But VERDILAB is much more than just that. Our formulas are 100% natural and vegan. They look different and feel different on the skin. They are ultra-rich in ethically sourced Marine and Botanical actives (120 in total) and based on our own ultra-restrictive Clean Beauty rules. We have a BLACKLIST of excluded substances that includes over 50 groups of synthetic and potentially irritating ingredients. These include parabens, phenoxyethanol, synthetic polymers, silicones, alcohol, and many others.

The efficacy of VERDILAB products has been clinically confirmed, and they are safe for sensitive skin.

I am proud to present the VERDILAB skincare line to the clients of John Bell & Croyden.

Do you believe that Clean Beauty is a hyped-up trend or the new standard for the industry?

I believe “Clean Beauty” is a vague term because there is not really one standard definition of what it means. So when we speak about CLEAN BEAUTY at VERDILAB, it is important to be precise about what that means to us.

For us, it means 100% clean and natural ingredients, in addition to safety, transparency, and sustainability. This is a must. It also means the lack of any synthetic, potentially harmful, or unethically sourced ingredients. As I explained, we have compiled a BLACKLIST of over 50 groups of ingredients that we avoid in our formulas, and we are very careful about staying up-to-date with our knowledge in this field. Referring to my medical background, I always follow the principle of "primum non nocere" - "first, do no harm."

Verdilab Founder

But for me, there is also a broader meaning beyond CLEAN BEAUTY, which also includes the way you execute your project every day and the principles that guide you.

In this sense, I believe in business ethics, transparency in communication with my employees and customers, education, not compromising health for quick results, and working with and for nature for a more sustainable model. Basically, doing things with a great sense of responsibility towards my clients, my team, and the environment.

Seen this way, I am convinced that it should be standard for the beauty industry - or any industry today.

What is your daily beauty routine?

My beauty routine changes over the seasons. I also use different products in the morning and in the evening. It always starts with a proper skin cleansing. Without that, no other step will be effective.

I cleanse with Verdilab NOURISHING Rich Cleansing Balm. It helps me to refresh my skin, get rid of excess sebum in the morning or remove my makeup at night. It’s really delicate, but so effective. I apply it on dry skin, let it sit for a few minutes, massage it in, and wash it away with lukewarm water. I believe that serums or concentrates should be an essential part of every professional beauty routine.

In the morning, I use Verdilab ACID POWER Imperfections Treating Concentrate, which my combination skin really loves! It has a very light, quickly absorbing formula that tightens the pores and regulates sebum secretion. Then I take care of the skin around my eyes. This area is super delicate and thin.

I use the Verdilab ULTIMATE LIGHTENING Vitamin C Eye Elixir. It has a liquid texture, and it is very refreshing and light. I adore the beautiful glow it immediately brings to the area around my eyes.

As a finishing step in my summer morning routine, I use our Verdilab Natural Moisturizer Probiotic Cream – it is super light yet effective; it brings immediate hydration, protects the skin against environmental pollutants, and supports a healthy microbiome.

Which products from VERDILAB would you recommend trying first?

I am in love with every one of our products. It all depends on your skin type, current skin condition, and the affects you are looking for. Everyone’s skin has different needs, so there is no single perfect product for everyone.

That said, I can definitely recommend our Verdilab ILLUMINATING Micro-Exfoliating Mask. It is a cleansing product that combines physical and enzymatic exfoliation. It has a very beautiful, sensual, beige formula rich in natural sugar-esters, plant oils, and a composition of 7 natural alpha-hydroxy acids. It also features French Guérande Salt, which is rich in minerals, as well as natural Lychee Seeds. It beautifully purifies the skin, unclogs and clears pores, and helps restore the complexion's radiance.

What are the Dermo Protocols, and what are the key ingredients in each of them?

VERDILAB’s Dermo Protocols are crafted around skin's specific needs.
Each of our 5 Dermo protocols tackles a specific effect we want to achieve and uses a specific combination of products with special star ingredients that work in synergy together.

For me, just as with a healthy diet, the effectiveness of skincare comes from the choice of natural ingredients and their optimal match and balance. That’s why all our formulas are rich in Marine and Botanical Actives of standardised, superior quality that come from natural and sustainable sources. They work together to deliver real, visible results for your skin.

Verdilab Dermo protocol No. 1.0 - NATURAL CLEANSING. This protocol provides dual cleansing solutions – a balm and a micro-exfoliating mask. These products take your daily cleaning routine to the next level, easily and pleasantly taking off all your makeup and any accumulated impurities and leaving your skin fresh and relaxed. The active star ingredients here are unquestionably Green Tea and Gotu Kola extracts - both rich in strong antioxidants. There’s also our Marine Probiotic Complex that helps preserve the health of the skin's microbiome, plus Natural Fruit Acids that come from the fruits and sugars.

Verdilab Dermo protocol No. 2.0 - SKIN HYDRATION and CELLULAR POLLUTION PROTECTION. This is our super-effective moisturising and detoxifying probiotic therapy that also protects against environmental aggressors. The Natural Prebiotic and Probiotic Complexes protect the skin's microbiota, while Vegetable Squalane and Snow Mushroom Extract provide intense and long-lasting skin hydration.

Verdilab Dermo protocol No. 3.0 - GLOWING SKIN ACTIVATION. Our revitalising treatment, perfect for dull, uneven skin with fine lines and wrinkles. Due to the ultra-stable form of natural Vitamin C and Azelaic acid combined with over 25 superior Marine and Botanical Actives, this protocol helps to even skin tone and smooth fine lines.

Verdilab Dermo protocol No. 4.0 - SKIN PERFECTION. This is the ideal solution for problematic skin prone to imperfections, blackheads, or enlarged pores. The products are enriched with natural Salicylic Acid, Zinc, and Gluconolactone.

Verdilab Dermo protocol No. 5.0 - ANTI-AGEING CARE and RADIANT COMPLEXION. This range is dedicated to more mature skin to prevent or diminish the signs of ageing, like wrinkles, lost skin elasticity, and lack of radiance. Its ultra-rich formulas are based on luxurious Rose Petal Extract and Oil, Resveratrol, and Algae Extracts.

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