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The Beauty of Self-Care: Plenaire

The Beauty of Self-Care: Plenaire

By M. Borriero

Plenaire is a revolutionary beauty brand that puts emotional wellbeing at the centre of skincare. With a unique collection of products, it provides a brave reinvention of the classic coming of age skincare rituals – giving beauty a modern makeover for young women that want more from the products that they use – beyond the glossy exterior. Now available at John Bell & Croyden, find out how their range of clean, sustainably designed products are serving a contemporary blend of everyday skincare needs without sacrificing the beauty of self-care.

Planaire Namrata Kamdar

Shaking Up the Beauty Industry

Today we are a living in a world vastly different than it was 50 years ago (or even six months ago). For younger people in particular, constant digital exposure has given pressure a new dimension, whether to conform to the lifestyles they see filtered through the unblinking lens of social media, fit in, or break free from the mould. We are also living at a time where many societal ‘norms’ are being challenged.

With health, mentally and physically, now at the forefront of our consciousness, we are increasingly paying more attention to not only what goes inside our bodies, but also what lies on the surface.

This trend is progressively becoming apparent in many industries today; beauty is one of them – where transparency and individualism are taking over age-old prescriptive approaches.

Lending their name from the French expression for “in the open air”, Plenaire is a socially-conscious British skincare brand that promises to shake up the billion-pound beauty industry using data, content and personalisation while meeting the social impact and clean ingredient approach that younger consumers today see as indispensable.

A Clean (Cruelty-Fee) Slate

In their own words, Plenaire seeks to build a community that challenges predictable conventions in skincare and beauty to recreate them for people in a more open-minded and fluid way.

This is to cater for the younger audiences who, according to the UK brand, say they want an alternative to traditional skincare – one that celebrates self-care and emotional wellbeing.

Self-care is not a new concept – and neither is it exclusive – but its importance and popularity has shot up in recent years. In practice, it constitutes the conscious choice to look after yourself physically and mentally – an important tenet to a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Conscious consumption is a huge part of this, with clean beauty now a vital ingredient for many brands worldwide – a shift accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic.


So how is Plenaire encouraging self-care? And what makes it different from other brands?

Made entirely in the UK, Plenaire’s bespoke skincare formulations were created following two years of research. During this time, the company engaged with young women via social listening, ethnographies, and in-house product testing and trials, and sought the help of experts to curate their unique products.

This innate desire to create solutions that respond to individual needs is a key ingredient to what sets them apart from other skincare brands.

Expertly curated to cleanse, exfoliate and treat even the most delicate complexion, their capsule collection of 8 products are designed for all skin types – and perfect for younger skin as well as anyone who values the true beauty of clean ingredients.

All Plenaire products are 100% ingredient transparent, vegan and completely cruelty free. They are also free of harmful SLS/SLES, Parabens, Mineral oil/Petrochemicals, Silicones, GMOs, Aluminium, Microbeads, Lead, and Mercury.

Lastly, sustainability has fast become a buzzword. But for Plenaire, this goes beyond the packaging. While all products come with fully recyclable material, the skincare brand places huge emphasis on the usage process requiring less water to work perfectly.

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