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Pollution & Skin: the best active ingredients you should be using

Pollution & Skin: the best active ingredients you should be using

By M. Borriero

Fighting the visible signs of ageing is the major concern for many people. According to the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, exposure to polluted air speeds up the ageing process of the skin, contributing to an increase of fine lines, redness, irritation and acne.

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What does pollution do to the skin?

Pollution doesn’t just sit on the surface of the skin, but it can penetrate in the deeper layer of it, causing damage, oxidative stress and a consequently production of free radicals. Most likely you’ve seen the word “free radicals” before, maybe browsing through a magazine or perusing a skincare product. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can break cells down turnover, and as we age our body loses its ability to fight the effects of them. Although our body naturally produces these molecules, many lifestyle factors can actually accelerate their production, such as:

  • cigarette smoke
  • sunlight
  • alcohol
  • pollution
  • radiations
  • pesticides and cleaners
  • blue light exposure (smartphones, laptop, screens in general)
  • poor nutrition

3 Essential steps to start building your barrier against pollution

One: Clean it off

Using a cleanser is the very first essential step to have a fresh and clean “canvas” to work on. Wash away the day and get everything off without drying and scrubbing the face too much is the goal. Massage this Medik8 Lipid-Balance Cleansing Oil into dry skin: it gently dissolves impurities and waterproof makeup to reveal radiant, refreshed skin. Featuring an optimised ratio of essential lipids to replenish the skins natural barrier, the cleanser leaves the complexion soft, supple and protected from everyday pollutants.

Two: Prevent

Protecting the skin from the pollution and the sun is a good defence technique against free radicals, but we need an extra help, and that is called “antioxidant”. Although our body naturally produces this substance, diet and skincare high in antioxidants are decisive in supporting healthy cells, preventing their damage and premature ageing.

Dr Barbara Sturm created the powerful Anti-Pollution Drops treatment, formulated to protect your complexion from pollution, UV rays and blue light. The formulation contains a special Skin Protect Complex, with extracts derived from marine microorganisms, helping with premature ageing, irritation as well as with the loss in the skin’s elasticity and firmness. 

Three: Protect

Whether it is cold or hot, a raining or sunny day, sun protection is the step you should never skip before going outdoors. Wearing sunscreen is crucial: without it, you expose your skin to unnecessary environmental damage and overexposure to sunlight increase the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.

The velvet touch of FrezyDerm's Sun Screen Velvet Face Spf 30, softens the appearance of wrinkles whilst helping to prevent sun damage and to repair existing signs of premature ageing. FrezyDerm uses revolutionary Second Skin Technology innovation gives a non-oily formula that allows the skin to vreathe whilst protecting the skin against sun exposure and UVR.

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