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Q&A with Michael Kerr, CEO of Me Today

Q&A with Michael Kerr, CEO of Me Today

By M Borriero
CEO Me Today Michael Kerr

What inspired you to create Me Today and how did you develop the range?

The concept of an easy to shop cross category range came about during a time of need. My wife, Nikki, was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer in 2018. She wanted me to carry on. Carry on looking after myself, working, eating, exercising, sleeping – in essence trying to maintain a normal routine and life. Being able to purchase lifestyle and wellness solutions from one trusted New Zealand brand would help in making some aspects of this journey much easier.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

Our products are thoughtfully sourced & formulated using clean, high-quality ingredients. Locally sourced where possible.

  • Premium quality formulations
  • Intrinsic link between inner & outer health
  • Based on scientific & traditional evidence
  • Highly absorbable forms of ingredients

What is self-care and why is it important for our overall wellbeing?

We want you to be healthy on the inside and outside so you can be here for others.

Who is Me Today designed for?

Active urbanites who we see as young professionals taking on more in their life and looking for a solution to help sustain their wellbeing.

Busy families, typically busy parents, who are looking for solutions to help them keep up with their young family.

Me Today offers a range of skincare called “Women’s Daily”. What can you tell us about it?

Our Me Today Women’s Daily EnrichMe+ skincare range is a curated blend of botanicals, antioxidants, and vitamins, taking nutrients from our Women's Daily supplement and tailored to provide multivitamin benefits for your skin. EnrichMe+ nutrients work together to enrich & hydrate your skin, designed for your everyday use.

Me Today products are packaged in beautiful and recyclable brown glass bottles. What can you tell us about your commitment to sustainability and the planet?

At Me Today we are committed to finding the best options we can for your health and wellbeing as well as our environment and are constantly ensuring our packaging continues to be recyclable. Our recycle choice is glass as this offers a great way for creative reusability – such as growing small herbs, storing dry herbs, nick-nacks, to suggest a few. As environmental options evolve, we too will evolve our packaging options to ensure we continue on a path of recyclability and substantiality.

All of our packaging cartons are fully recyclable along with our supplement jars and skincare bottles. Please ensure you rinse the bottles before recycling.

There are a few different supplements within the range – can you tell us more about them?

Me Today has a range of complex & high dose supplements. Based on scientific and traditional evidence, our premium quality range of supplements are formulated with highly absorbable forms of ingredients encased in easy to swallow vege caps.

What’s the ethos about Me Today?

Instead of slowing down, we believe in stepping up! We say it's okay to want more from your life and from your body. This is why we created a range of products to help you unlock your best tomorrow.

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