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Seventyone Suncare Sunscreen

Q&A with SeventyOne Percent Suncare

By M Borriero

This week we chat with SeventyOne Percent’s co-founders, Marc and Raphaël, about their ultra-protective, creative and environmentally friendly range of sunscreen cosmetics for face and body, designed for and by surfers.

SeventyOne Percent Suncare Q&A founders

Can you tell us a bit about the story behind SeventyOne and what makes SeventyOne different or special to other suncare brands?

SeventyOne Percent is a French brand created by two surfer friends in 2010 between Hossegor and Biarritz. To meet sun and ocean-lovers’ expectations, the duo created a range of innovative sun protections that not only protect and take care of all skin types, but also respect their amazing playground: Nature.

SeventyOne Percent is all about values and philosophy of the surfing lifestyle at the beach as well as in the city.

Who has SeventyOne been designed for?

SeventyOne has been created by surfers but designed for demanding Nature Lovers. Each product has been designed to deliver the best skin protection and hydration whilst minimising the impact on the environment.

seventyone suncare

What other benefits, apart from sun protection, do SeventyOne products offer?

Every SeventyOne product has been developed to minimize its impact on the environment on top of the skin benefits it delivers. Of course, there is a range of sun care products but also facial and body care products you can use every day to get your “daily dose of summer”. SeventyOne Percent allows you to fully enjoy the pleasures of nature and make that feeling last all year long.

Is SeventyOne taking any sustainability steps when it comes to ingredients or packaging?

Sustainability is part of the brand name that stands for: 70% of the earth is water, 70% of your body is water and 1% for the Planet. As part of that commitment, SeventyOne develop products that have the lowest impact on the environment:
  • Every formula is (very) water resistant to avoid / minimize polluting the oceans
  • No use of ingredients identified as dangerous for the environment
  • Tubes are 100% recyclable and made of 55% recycled plastic from milk bottles

We know it is not enough and we are working with the best experts to keep on reducing our impact.

seventyone percent suncare

What is your tip to get the best tan safely?

Protect your skin! It will take a bit longer at the beginning, but it will be safer and will last for longer.

How important is to protect your hair from prolonged exposure to the sun?

As much as the sun can burn your skin, it also dries your hair. The best protection for your hair is to apply some Sun Oil to protect and nourish before and after exposure. Our SeventyOne Dry Sun Oil is perfect for it! And what a smell ;)

One of your products, Urban Feel Good, sounds like the perfect protection against air pollution and skin damage. What is the formulation like?

seventyone urban feel good

SeventyOne Urban Feel Good is the best kept secret… it is the ultimate multi-protection and moisturising face skincare. Your skin can stays cool in the urban jungle: pollution, UV rays and blue light are blocked by our complete and high- performing active ingredients combo! It contains hyaluronic acid and prebiotic and SPF 30. It is a light formula with matt effect, perfect on its own or before your make-up and it is 85% natural!

What are your favourite products within the range and why?

If we could mention 2… I would say Urban Feel good – our best kept secret - and Dry Sun Oil. This one is just fantastic: it is a dry oil you can use on face, body and hair. Super easy to spray and smells divine! Its golden formula gives a satin finish on skin and a velvety touch with instant penetration.

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