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Promote Optimum Sleep and Overall Wellbeing with Shleep

Promote Optimum Sleep and Overall Wellbeing with Shleep

Unveiling a new addition to our lifestyle and wellbeing selection, discover the luxury health and wellness brand, Shleep, which presents the first collection of ultra-luxurious bedlinen designed to promote optimum sleep and overall well-being.

What is Shleep?

Sleep is intricately linked to wellness and health, and Shleep embodies this philosophy by harnessing the natural properties of fine Australian Merino wool to create bedding that transcends luxury.

Made from a blend of 70% Australian Merino wool and 30% bamboo, Shleep's bed sheets offer a technical breakthrough, providing a natural temperature and moisture regulating fabric that not only elevates sleep comfort but also promotes a range of health benefits.

Transformative and trans-seasonal ShleepHalo™ fabrics

Shleep's bed sheets are naturally designed to adapt to the body's temperature needs, keeping you cool in summer months and warm during winter. This feature ensures that each individual’s sleeping environment remains comfortable and conducive to restful sleep throughout the year. It also makes it ideal for anyone who suffers from night sweats, those going through the menopause or anyone who has trouble staying warm at night.

Makers of the best mornings ever

With wellness-inducing sleep at its core, Shleep Halo's protective outer layer resists stains and odours making it hypoallergenic and ideal for those with asthma or allergies. The fabric's natural resistance to wrinkles offers a luxury sleeping experience, while its
superior wicking agency and natural antibacterial properties keep the sheets fresh, dry and, most importantly, hygienic.

In addition, these antibacterial properties make Shleep linens perfect for conditions affecting the skin or scalp, preventing the buildup of sweat and humidity. By wicking away moisture, the fabric helps maintain a dry and comfortable sleeping surface, reducing the likelihood of discomfort or irritation, as well as preventing the spread of bacteria.

For a deep, restorative night's sleep

The collection of weighted blankets presents a world first, made from 100% natural and breathable materials, providing a soothing and grounding experience that promotes deep, restorative sleep. Sustainably committed, renewable, and biodegradable, Shleep Halo's calming blankets align with the brand's ethos of promoting wellness while being good to the planet.

Alexander Johnston, General Manager at John Bell & Croyden

Alexander Johnston said:

“We're thrilled to introduce Shleep, an innovative brand that takes our commitment to promoting holistic health to another level. At John Bell & Croyden, we've long championed the importance of sleep hygiene, offering luxury skincare, bath and nutrition products to enhance sleep quality. What made Shleep stand out immediately to us is both the luxurious nature of the products and the technical capabilities of the woven fabric. It's an exciting addition to our store that we know our customers will love."

Shop the Shleep collection today

Sleep is known to form the cornerstone of an individual’s wellness, boosting our mood, reducing stress and leading to better mental health. Recent studies have demonstrated that sleeping in or under wool fosters a longer and deeper sleep than other fibres thanks to its natural temperature regulating properties. 

At the core of Shleep Halo's innovative fabrics lies the unique qualities of nature's miracle fibre, Australian Merino wool. Known for its supreme softness, durability, and natural thermal and moisture control characteristics, fine Merino is praised by textile and fashion designers for its beauty and performance.

Shleep is now available for purchase at in store and online. Explore the luxury collection and experience the transformative power of wellness-inducing sleep.