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The Power of Smell: Functional Fragrance with The Nue Co.

The Power of Smell: Functional Fragrance with The Nue Co.

Our sense of smell is a powerful one, capable of evoking memories, transporting us to different places, and even influencing our moods and emotions, all through our brain's direct connection to the olfactory system.

As a result, scents can have a profound effect on our stress levels and overall well-being. We hear from The Nue Co., who along with a discovery of its Functional Fragrance range, we explore the science behind the power of scent and how it can be harnessed to improve our mental health.

Can you tell us about the power of scent – what is the link between our olfactory system and the brain? How might scent have an effect on our stress levels and mood, both positive and negative?

Scent is a very primal function - our bodies react quite instinctively to smells. Of the five senses, scent is the only one with a direct line to three of the most important areas of the brain: the orbitofrontal cortex, which signifies awareness; the hippocampus, which is linked to memory; and the amygdala, which helps us sort smells and is directly associated with our emotions and mood. There’s a powerful connection between cognitive function and the olfactory system; certain scents can elicit certain reactions with the body, both physically and psychologically.

What is the technology in The Nue co Functional Fragrance range and how does it interact with the body to deliver its benefits? What are the key ingredients in each blend and how do they promote focus, relaxation or other effects

The backbone of research behind Functional Fragrance 01 comes from the Geneva Emotion and Odor Scale (GEOS), a groundbreaking study on the power of scent on our emotions. Using neural image processing, the study mapped how specific scent groups affect our cognitive function. When we first reviewed the data provided by our fragrance house we were actually amazed by the unity of scent. The study was replicated around the world, but the results were the same regardless of culture or economic status. The key notes in Functional Fragrance 01 are green cardamom, cilantro, violet, musk, palo santo and myrrh.

Mind Energyis a fragrance supplement for focus that uses patented olfactory technology to stimulate neural pathways, helping invigorate and boost your mental energy. Designed to deliver a mental pick-me-up when suffering from mind fog, the fragrance uses sustainable and upcycled extracts sourced from community-focused projects around the world, including notes of clary sage, juniper, pink peppercorn and clove.

More from the functional fragrance range

Inspired by the concept of medicalising nature, Forest Lungs uses olfactory chemistry and patented technology to replicate molecular compounds found in nature. It is a sensory supplement (delivered as an Eau De Parfum) designed to replicate the benefits of spending time amongst trees. The practice of forest bathing carries with it clinically proven health benefits, from lowering blood pressure, to increasing immunity, lowering cortisol and improving cognitive functioning. 

For Water Therapy, we were able to utilize pioneering technology from our fragrance house which allowed us to create a “scent signature” of a space, essentially identifying and replicating the fragrance of an environment. We used this technology in six different marine environments to identify the volatile organic compounds present in the environment. We were then able to replicate these VOCs in the heart of our fragrance. These act like “invisible” scent notes at the heart of the formula and trigger primal pathways in our brain, replicating the feeling of calm we have when in or around water. We focused on using

Water Therapy is one of your functional fragrances that is inspired by blue medicine. What is Blue Medicine and why is it believed to be a powerful concept in benefiting the body?

Our latest fragrance, Water Therapy was inspired by the concept of ‘blue medicine’, the belief that water can have a powerful impact on our state of mind. Every person on Earth is hardwired with a deep biological connection to water and the benefits of the world’s blue spaces have a myriad of benefits impacting our mental and physical health.

Are there any other products The Nue Co that can be used in conjunction with the functional fragrances for enhanced benefits?

Our Functional Fragrances can be used anytime of day when you need a moment of calm or energy, but for best results we’d recommend incorporating into your routine longterm, as you would any of our supplements. We like to suggest to spray the scent onto your pulse points, breathe in for four, hold, and exhale for four.

For ultimate calm, pair with Magnesium Ease, which is a mixture of lavender oil, arnica oil, and magnesium chloride that helps reduce muscle tension and aids in relaxation. We love to spray it on our joints and stomach to unwind.

Discover the full range now

If you're ready to experience the transformative power of scent, discover and The Nue Co's functional fragrance range today. Its carefully formulated blends, are designed to promote balance, focus, and a sense of calm. With scents that awaken the senses and soothe the soul, the fragrances can help you navigate the challenges of everyday life with renewed energy and focus.

Amongst the full Nue Co selection, the brand aims to address a wide range of wellness concerns from stress and anxiety to sleep and digestion, whilst using processes that protect the natural environment.