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Earth Month

As we continue making strides to protect our environment, make sure you take the time to discover how you can help too. This month, learn more about great brands that put sustainability at the forefront. From sourcing ingredients to reducing waste, they are dedicated to bringing you products in a way that prioritises our planet.



Seabody is commited to cirularity and becoming a carbon positive company. This plays a key role in all decisions made, from sea to self.

Every element is considered, from choice of suppliers, processes used, packaging chosen for various products and commitment made to cultivating their own seaweed at their hatchery on the Atlantic Coast.

skincare & body care

Wildsmith Skin

"Our product manufacturers use a complete biomass system which removes our heating dependency on fossil fuel. This saves 85 tonnes of carbon every year".

Wildsmith Skin is the first luxury beauty brand to use compostable packaging made from mycelium - a farm-grown material using the roots of a mushroom that composts fully in around 90 days.


Organic beauty

"We care for nature so nature can care for us"

This B Corp certified brand believes that choosing clean and pure haircare is the smart, simple way to create a love story between you and your hair. With Certified Organic plant ingredients, the luxurious formulations deliver hydration, health, moisture, shine and protection only Mother Nature can provide.


Sustainable Brands

Wild Nutrition

"Everything we do is designed to reduce waste and minimise our impact on the planet"

"We are very proud to be part of the growing B Corp UK movement, having achieved B Corp certification in 2021. It's the only certification that measures a company’s social and environmental performance, and is based on the principle that businesses should seek to balance profit with purpose."

gummy supplements


"In 2022, we became the first brand in our industry to be certified 'Net Zero plastic to nature.' We want people to join us in creating a healthier planet."

Nutriburst is deeply committed to sustainability, focusing on reducing its environmental footprint through thoughtful practices. They proudly offer vegan-friendly, cruelty-free gummy vitamin supplements, housed in recyclable packaging, and continuously work on minimising waste and emissions. Their dedication to eco-conscious operations underlines their commitment to the planet's health and future generations.


Bare Biology

Providing Omega 3 Fish supplements, Bare Biology only sources their fish oils and collagens from manufacturers with sustainability certifications, such as MSC, Friend of the Sea & Marin Trust.

All its product packaging is recyclable, using minimal postal packaging. everything is sourced and manufactured in the UK to reduce air miles, except for raw ingredients which come from Norway by sea and road. The brand is committed to complete transparency when providing you with the best possible supplements.

Dr Jackson's

Dr Jackon's believes in beauty that is clean, safe and, most importantly, effective. With a plant-based core, cruelty-free sustainable ethics, and kind-to-the-planet packaging, it is constantly on its mission to continue developing an innovative, ethical and sustainable company.