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Patented Plant-Based Skincare

The new generation of luxury skincare developed by dermatologist Dr. Timm Golueke. Dr. Timm Golueke has always been looking for a sophisticated skin care that combats skin aging on many levels and protects and repairs the skin extremely effectively.


The Royal Fern Complex

Results from a study conducted by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute of New York, uncovered the protective effect of fern on cellular DNA, elevating ferns status as a supreme anti-inflammatory and age-defying complex.

This study inspired Dr. Timm Golueke to dive deeper into the superpowers of fern. He partnered with Prof. Dr. Leonard Zastrow a renowned scientist and skincare formulator with 30+ years of expertise in cell biology and cancer research.

After 4 years of research, the insights culminated in the development of the patented ROYAL FERN COMPLEX which became the core of the new skincare range.


The Collections



The new generation of luxury skincare, dermatologist tested and designed for all skin types. No parabens, mineral oil or synthetic colorants and not tested on animals.


Hair Care

Hair care with fern extracts and a composition of natural ingredients designed to restore your hair’s natural strength, nourish the scalp, stimulate hair growth and promote healthy hair.


The Powerful Ampoules

Ampoules can really make a big difference in your routine. You will find noticeably beautiful luminosity, which is the characteristic Royal Fern Radiance and a balanced, firmer and smoother appearance. The selected active ingredients inhibit the excessive formation of pigment, along with hyaluronic acid which hydrates and binds moisture in the skin.


Dermatologist, Dr Timm Golueke

Discover more about the brand and its philosophy through our conversation with Dr. Golueke, a medical specialist in dermatology. He created Royal Fern thanks to his many years of clinical experience and his expertise in harnessing the power of nature for beautiful, healthy skin.

Royal Fern

The Collection