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We are delighted to bring you Skin Design London's Clinic Residency available at John Bell & Croyden. From refining pores and improving texture to smoothing lines and reducing acne scars, Skin Design London has mastered high-end, hard-working treatments to reboot your routine and build strong, resilient skin.

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Vitamin Skin Juice

£600 - 60 minutes

Designed by Fatma Shaheen, the Vitamin Skin Juice treatment with Face Tight has become one of the most sought-after treatments globally.

Bespoke radio frequency technology is combined with the delivery of vitamin skin juices using several techniques and applications. Each step supplies essential nutrients & vitamins to create a lifting effect and stimulate dermal tissue to improve the health and quality of your skin.  

Face Tight Infusion

£350 - 60 minutes

The Face Tight Infusion with The Glow Vitamin Pen Treatment is an experience designed to revive the quality of your skin. This 60-minute, customizable treatment uses advanced, non and minimally invasive technology.

The three key steps include Skin Design London’s award-winning vitamin skin peels, the Glow Vitamin Pen to feed skin essential nutrients, finished with radio frequency and cupping technique to tighten and lift the jowl, cheekbones, plump dehydrated lips and deliver lymphatic drainage

The Clean Face

£250 - 60 minutes

Clean skin prevents the buildup of dirt and therefore, help to prevent spots, inflammation, breakouts, dryness, eczema, and reduce the appreance of lines and wrinkles.

The Clean treatment uses oxygen and nutrients to keep skin looking fresh and glowing. It uses a selection of the famous Skin Design London skin juice nutrients & vitamins create a lifting effect and stimulate dermal tissue to improve the health and quality of your skin.   

The 360 Body Tight

£300 - 40 minutes

A combination of the latest in aesthetic technologies for improved fat reduction, detox, lymphatic drainage, cellulite, and body/back tightening.

The treatment is 30 minutes (within the 30 minute treatment we will focus on one area to make sure we deliver the perfect dose of treatment). We will create a personalised body plan for you that is aligned with your needs.

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