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The Exceptional Overnight Chronobiology Peel Refill 8 doses
SKU: 8222127
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Overnight resurfacing • Micro dose exfoliation 8 Doses. ​​

​​A luxurious, intensive, leave-on treatment that has been programmed to the skin’s nightly biorhythm to ensure maximum exfoliation potency, our overnight peel treatment will have you waking up with renewed, glowing skin. Our groundbreaking OSMV™ Technology allows for the release of a powerful, gradual and micro-dosed complex of AHAs and BHA between 11pm and 4am, when skin cell renewal is at its peak, allowing exfoliation, deep detoxification and removal of dead skin cells, and minimizing the appearance of pores. From 4am onwards, when skin cell absorption is at its highest, the calming, soothing properties of gotu kola infuse the skin, reducing redness and sensitivity Overnight, unlock renewed, luminous and healthy-looking skin.

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