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Mango 3-In-1 Hydration, Electrolytes And Vitamins Effervescent 20 Tablets
SKU: 8187585
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Transform your daily performance with our science-led 3-in-1 formula, featuring hydration, electrolytes, and essential vitamins. Our Phizz formula hydrates smarter, providing 3x faster hydration than water and 4 key electrolytes for peak physical and mental performance. Experience natural energy, immune support, and optimal wellbeing with our comprehensive multivitamin containing 18 essential nutrients.

Our award-winning formula is trusted by professional athletes and backed by over 5,000 5-star reviews. Plus, our product is vegan, low calorie, Informed Sport tested, and uses natural flavours and colours. We're a sustainable brand that collects and recycles 1.3x the weight of plastic waste for each Phizz sold.

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