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Longer Lasting Vaginal Moisturiser 6 doses
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Vaginal dryness (Vaginal Atrophy) is a very common condition that can affect women of an age and is also a natural part of the aging process. Some of the common causes of vaginal dryness include:menopause, childbirth, breast-feeding,tampon use, medications, excessive exercise, stress.

Caused by a lack natural moisture which originates inside the vagina, vaginal dryness symptoms can often include discomfort, itching, burning and pain during intercourse.

Managing Vaginal Atrophy & Dryness symptoms effectively is now possible with Replens MD™: the clinically proven longer lasting Vaginal Moistuiser. Unlike most others lotions and lubricant based solutions, Replens MD™ acts directly to the source of the problem, by delivering continuous moisture, making each single application last up to 3 days.

Its 2-in-1 effective formula treats vaginal dryness in 3 steps by:

  1. Replenishing vaginal moisture
  2. Rejuvenating the existing dry cells
  3. Supplementing the body's natural lubrication.

When applied internally just three times a week, ReplenMD™ provides continuous moisture and comfort. Its regular use helps to maintain vaginal health.The pre-filled applicators enable you to place hygienically, the right amount of ReplensMD™ exactly where its is needed, high up, inside the vagina. ReplensMD™ is hormone free and safe to use with condoms (natural rubber latex, polyisoprene, and polyurethane) Also available in high street chemists. GP Recommended Brand**GPrX data-from July 2014 to June 2015 - UK coverage.

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