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In Conversation with Jules Miller, Founder and CEO of The Nue Co.

In Conversation with Jules Miller, Founder and CEO of The Nue Co.

By M Borriero
The Nue Co. Jules Miller

At The Nue Co. our founding principle is to create supplements that do not harm people or the planet. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, because we see health as one interconnected ecosystem. We combine the best of science and nature by using clean, sustainable and clinically proven ingredients to create health products that are good for people and the planet".

Jules Miller - Founder of The Nue Co.

Hi Jules, tell us more about The Nue Co. How would you describe the brand’s core Philosophy?

Our belief as a brand is that health is an ecosystem, comprising your physical, mental, social and environmental wellbeing. Our collective health is intrinsically connected to the health of the planet and we believe it’s our responsibility as a business to raise the bar for our sector through operating in a way that respects and preserves our environment, whilst supporting social sustainability.

Sustainability is woven into everything we do as a business, from product development to supplier sourcing and auditing, packaging choices and giving, to operations and logistics. I truly believe that it’s through a holistic approach that we can drive real change and also support in educating our customers about the interconnected ecosystem making up their health.

What inspired you to launch the company?

My journey began when I first developed IBS whilst in my early 20s. I spent a lot of my time (and money), trying different natural and pharmaceutical products to deal with my symptoms, which only made me feel worse. I couldn't find products that worked for me, or more importantly, that I wanted to take - that was really where the seed of The Nue Co. came from.

The Nue Co.

Transparency is incredibly important to me, we have a right to know and understand what is in our supplements and products. I researched formulations and ingredients and found as a general rule, 50% of the ingredients in supplements are composed of synthetic fillers, bulking agents, and processed ingredients. I was disillusioned by brands touting misleading messaging, using questionable ingredients, and producing poor quality products. I soon realised that I could create a solution, so The Nue Co. was born.

I was also inspired by my grandfather who was a chemist and lecturer at Cambridge University, and who was part of the team that led significant research into Vitamin B12. When creating The Nue Co., it was really important to me that we developed products that are environmentally sustainable, organic and free from anything that could cause potential harm to our health.

What makes The Nue Co. formulations so unique?

We set out with a very simple aim, to change the way people feel about supplements.

We always rely on data and science to kick off any sort of new product development. We look to ingredients as close to the food source as possible to deliver a nutrient or a vitamin, whilst focusing on absorption in its format. We also work with clinically proven ingredients and all of our products are free from toxic preservatives, additives, flavourings and sweeteners.

What does your daily routine look like?

I take Nue Prebiotic + Probiotic every morning and our Nootro-Focus with my coffee after breakfast to help me focus on the day ahead.

The Nue Co

I’ve been using our Nue Barrier Culture Cleanser and Nue Moisturiser for the past few years. They were developed to streamline routines, providing pre, pro and postbiotics to the skin to help rebuild your skin’s natural defences, lock in moisture and reduce inflammation. I also love to spray Nue Magnesium Ease on my joints and stomach before bed, it’s a bit of a ritual. It’s a mixture of lavender oil, arnica oil, and magnesium chloride that helps reduce muscle tension and aids in relaxation.

What is your favourite The Nue Co. product and why?

I swear by our signature Nue Prebiotic + Probiotic. As someone who suffered from IBS for over 5 years, I know the difference to your life a product like this can make. It’s a great introduction to supplements and something that everyone should start to incorporate into their routine for long-term gut health. Two capsules a day can help feed the friendly bacteria in your gut and allow them thrive. Rather than using live strains of bacteria which tend to die off, our formula works with bacteria spores - these lie dormant until they reach our small intestine where they “activate”.

I live by the mantra “there’s no health without good gut health!”.

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