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The One Supplement Brand You Should Take at Every Age

The One Supplement Brand You Should Take at Every Age

By M Borriero

As a building block of our cells, including the brain of course, we need omega-3 throughout our life. Leading marine supplement brand Bare Biology provides different omega-3 variations to suit different life stages. Nutritional Therapists recommend the following...

Bare Biology

Omega 3 for Growing Kids

"If you want to help your child’s growing brain, an omega-3 supplement is something to consider. Bare Biology Action Heroes for kids is a really good quality option and, crucially, it’s a tasty liquid that children will drink neat…and then they’ll ask for more (at least my survey of 4 tells me they do!)."

- Mary Van Der Westhuizen
Registered Nutritional Therapist MA (Oxon), Dip NT BCNH mBANT mCNHC

Omega 3 for Teen Development

“Teens have a very high need for omega-3 fatty acids, as this is a time in their life when they are having an enormous growth spurt and their brain is making a huge developmental leap. They are also often under pressure with upcoming exams, may have skin outbreaks and be experiencing mental health challenges. And at the same time may not be that engaged with healthy eating. Two capsules of Bare Biology Life & Soul daily will cover their omega 3 needs and are easy to swallow.”

- Lucinda Miller
Registered Nutritionist and Clinical Lead of NatureDoc

Omega 3 During Your 20s & 30s

“Bare Biology is my go-to for omega-3 and I love their newest supplement Bare Biology Rise & Shine. It combines omega-3 + vitamin D3 for brain, heart, eye, skin and immune health. Often you’ll be taking them separately but I just love a little two in one. I also take their Bare Biology Skinful Marine Collagen + Vitamin C for hair, skin and nails.”

- Madeleine Shaw
Registered Nutritional Therapist

Omega 3 for Fertility and Pregnancy

“I recommend the Bare Biology Life & Soul Daily Omega-3 Capsules for both partners in the preparation phase (or the liquid as it’s more cost-effective for two people) and once we have a positive pregnancy test we move mum onto Bare Biology Mums & Bumps throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.”

- Sandra Greenbank
Fertility Nutrition Specialist

Omega 3 During Your 40s & 50s

“Bare Biology is my personal go-to omega-3 supplement and one of the few brands I routinely recommend to perimenopausal clients. Bare Biology Life & Soul - the most powerful fish oil I've found on the market - is easily digested (no fishy burps!), sustainably sourced and plastic-free. Bare Biology Vim & Vigour does exactly the same for my vegan and vegetarian clients. Quality products from a trusted source that I come back to time and time again.”

- Emma Bardwell
Specialist Menopause Nutritionist

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