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Meet Tony Sanguinetti, Founder and CEO of Gold Collagen

This week, discover the world of Gold Collagen, pioneers in the field of collagen supplementation since 2011 with a commitment to enhancing beauty from within.

Get to know the founder, Tony Sanguinetti and his journey, whose roots trace back to Italy, where his passion for nutrition was kindled. This fascination with nutrition and wellbeing shaped his early years, guiding him through career in modelling to a realisation in Japan, that true beauty emanates from within. Eventually leading to the pioneering creation of GOLD COLLAGEN® - a testament to his belief in nurturing inner health for outer beauty.

The Pioneering Founder

Growing up in Italy, Tony’s love of great-tasting food (a cultural expectation!) was bolstered by the idea that fresh ingredients were inherent to a healthy lifestyle. He was taught that we are what we eat and drink, and this philosophy of living better, for longer, remains at the heart of the Gold Collagen brand today.

As a young man, Tony carved out an interest in nutrition and followed an exacting diet and fitness routine. In his 20s, he embarked upon a successful career as a model for leading designers in Milan, Paris and New York where he realised that beauty captivates consumers - not just in the fashion industry, but in every aspect of life.

A step towards ageless beauty

However, it was a life-defining trip to Japan that radically shaped the perspective of his future business and inspired the ethos at the heart of GOLD COLLAGEN®. Unlike the European culture, which relied heavily upon external creams to combat ageing, he noticed that Japanese women treated aesthetic beauty as external evidence for inner health. In other words, they believe that a healthy body from within is the
first step towards ageless beauty
. The myriad benefits of their diet, health and well-being routines were immediately apparent to Tony.

Treating food as a medicine and using nutrition and supplements to support inner health and restore balance had given the Japanese the highest life expectancy in the world. He realised that in doing so, they’d also identified the root cause of the visible signs of ageing.


Worth its weight in Gold

Gold Collagen's story goes back well before collagen became a household name in the beauty and wellbeing world, as the founder was the pioneer of ingestible collagen in the UK. In 2011, after two years of intensive testing, modifying and improving the formula and taste, the very first product, PURE GOLD COLLAGEN® was launched in Britain.

13 years later that product has been joined by many others, and Gold Collagen's network of expert collaborators now includes over 50 experts in nutrition, dermatology, science, joint and mobility, clinical trials specialists and key opinion leaders.

Gold Collagen has the only collagen products supported by 4 patents and 13 clinical studies, following years and years of rigorous research, testing and development. They have received coveted awards from scientific bodies as well as respected media and beauty industry organisations for its excellence, and you can read more about its patents, clinical studies and awards.

Time is Gold, Wisdom Eternal

Inspired by his trip, Tony had a vision to innovate, create and develop a formulation that could support graceful ageing from the inside out. And, in doing so, also reduce the effects of ageing.

He realised that a person’s age is defined by 3 factors:

  • Skin (plump and hydrated versus dry and wrinkly)
  • Hair (thick, shiny and voluminous versus thin, dull and brittle)
  • Body mobility (supple joints versus aching, stiff joints, strong muscles versus weak, tired muscles)

He discovered that the unifying thread that tied those 3 factors together was collagen. And that the amount of collagen in our body decreases as we age. His team set about creating a liquid product from the best formula of ingredients that would support collagen regeneration and, importantly, is convenient to take and taste delicious.

Today, based in London where he has lived for the last thirty years, Tony is still working passionately to develop more powerful collagen products. A keen sportsman, he belies his age and is powered by Gold Collagen to complete physical challenges and live a healthy life to the full.