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Wild Dose: A Rapid Relief For Bloated Tummies

By M. Borriero

Wild Dose is a rapid relief natural remedy brand, using only natural ingredients to give quick and effective relief so you can have a symptom free day.

Wild Dose: A dose for bloating

Other supplements can take up to 30-90 days to work, Wild Dose flips this notion on its head - the take-whenever-you-need supplement is quick action, and you can feel the results working. Their bloat relief remedy is packed with digestive enzymes, herbal extracts and probiotics that work to eliminate excess gas quickly.

Wild Dose is designed to take with you anywhere, the small blister pack fits into your pocket or bag and is your best bud when it comes to meals out with friends. Simply take two capsules and feel the relief! No more uncomfortable meals, no more lying on the floor with your knees to your chest. Bloating has met its match in the form of some tiny little pills.

What is Bloating?

Bloating is where your belly feels tight, full, or even painful, as if you’ve eaten a very large meal (with no room left for more!). Your belly may appear larger or more swollen and being bloated can sometimes feel uncomfortable and painful. It's different to being full and is normally accompanied by a lot of gas or burping.

Bloating happens when the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) fills with gas or air, causing pressure on the belly. It can be from something as simple as what you eat, undigested food, gassy drinks, to other reasons such as menstruation or swallowing too much air when you chew gum. All in all, bloating isn’t much fun, and we certainly don’t have to suffer through it.

How Wild Dose Works

Wild Dose Bloating

The formulation contains a proprietary enzyme complex that helps break down undigested food while other ingredients help reduce discomfort and inflammation - providing gas relief, the leading cause of bloated tummies!

After launching in April 2022, Wild Dose has become an instant hit - with thousands of customers, and celebrities, flocking to the product. The likes of Made in Chelsea stars Sophie Habboo and Ruby Adler have been seen posting the bright purple packaging, while it's received rave reviews.

Founding Story

Charles Instone, Founder of Wild Dose, started the brand due to his own struggles with bloating, stress and IBS:
"I bloat. I bloat pretty often in fact. It leaves me wanting to cancel plans and stay at home, which is not fun and certainly not how I want to feel. I think you’ll agree there’s been quite enough of staying at home already over the recent years."

After struggling to find something natural that works quickly, he realised the supplement industry was not catering for busy lives or for the customers.

"When you have to take a supplement for 30-90 days to see if it works, and probably paying good money for it, it's simply not that accessible. Developing a formula that worked quickly was essential, if I couldn't do that I wasn't going to start the company - it was a non-negotiable. When you need relief you need it quickly, I wanted to make a solution that people could use when their symptoms were bad and reclaim their day."

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