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Nutriburst: The Benefits of Gummies Over Tablets

Nutriburst: The Benefits of Gummies Over Tablets

By M Borriero

How effective are gummies compared to tablets? What is the difference between vitamin gummies and tablets in terms of absorption?

Jenny Tschiesche

Concerns are often raised about how easily gummy supplements are broken down and absorbed by the human body. Yet there is evidence from multiple studies that show that nutrient absorption is equivalent to or greater in the form of gummies than in tablets and capsule forms. The mechanism for this appears to be the ability of the body to start breaking down the supplements as soon as they enter the mouth, i.e. as soon as they combine with enzyme-containing saliva.

There is even some evidence to suggest that they break down sublingually i.e. below the tongue. Further breakdown takes place in the stomach and then the small intestine, in particular in the duodenum where the pancreas deposits bile for fat digestion.

Some favourable results for gummy supplements:

  • In this study Vitamin D gummies were shown to have greater bioavailability than a tablet equivalent dose.
  • Absorption of folate from gummies was shown to be faster than in tablet form in this study.
  • The Vitamin C absorption between gummy and caplet was equivalent in this study.
  • Both Vitamin B12 AND Vitamin E were shown to have equivalent absorption to tablet form in this study.

What are the benefits?

There are huge numbers of people, and I have come across thousands in my time, who simply cannot swallow capsules and tablets! The soft texture of the gummy makes it chewable so that you won’t have a hard time swallowing or eating it. This makes your supplement experience more enjoyable so that you won’t forget to take it each day.

The reasons you may like to take gummy vitamins:

  • Easy to swallow
  • Contain vitamins and minerals
  • Taste great – which increases compliance
  • Enhance your health - Gummy vitamins contain various nutrients that can boost your overall health from your immune system to your digestive system all the way to your cardiovascular health. You will find that you’ll feel better overall.
  • Help make up for any deficiencies

Can you overdose on gummies?

Yes, technically you can overdose on any supplement. The body holds on to and allows to accumulate fat-soluble nutrients in particular. There are fat soluble nutrients in Nutriburst gummies, however, at lower levels than the water-soluble nutrients, making it harder to overdose. There will be differences in the level of danger to health presented by overdosing for example fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamins A, D, and E are more likely to accumulate in the body.


Are there any nutriburst gummy vitamins that I can take together?

the choice to supplement is a simple one, what to choose to supplement with can be confusing. the Nutriburst range is well designed to make it simple to support your body’s needs. whilst almost everyone can benefit from supplementing a good quality multivitamin – the health & vitality multi from Nutriburst is ideal for this – others may benefit from combining this supplement with others in the range.

Let’s think of the health & vitality as your foundation for health and look at what you may want to add:

  • If you’re darker skinned or you live in a place with less sun, then you might want to add to the base Health & Vitality with Healthy Muscles and Bones Calcium and Vitamin D.
  • If you’re concerned about the strength and health of your nails and hair then look at adding the Advanced Nutrition- Hair, Skin, and Nails to the foundation.
  • If you’re planning to get pregnant then Prenatal Health would be a useful addition.

You may choose to supplement all five of the supplements in the range. In theory, there is absolutely no problem with this. However, I would recommend that you think about your health objectives and remember to focus on these. If, for example, you want to focus on hair and skin health then the combination of the foundation i.e. the Health & Vitality and the Advanced Nutrition- Hair, Skin and Nails should be ideal for you.

Furthermore, I should remind you that supplements do not make up for a poor diet. Supplementing may actually make it easier for us to eat a better diet by reminding our bodies of what their nutrient needs are and how good we can feel when we supply the body with the right nutrition. Try to move towards a whole food diet and introduce more plant-based foods as well as good quality proteins and fats as part of your overall health strategy.

Some people worry about over-supplementing. Whilst this is a legitimate concern the Nutriburst range is designed such that those vitamins and minerals that are harder for the body to rid excessive amounts of do not appear in the range in large amounts. Those that are easier to detoxify such as water-soluble biotin do appear in larger amounts which allows your body to use only what it needs and get rid of what it doesn’t.

Nutriburst is sugar-free, vegan-friendly, and completely plant-based. What can you tell us about the ingredients?

Too many gummies’ brands try to appeal to the mass market with glucose syrup and/or sugar as their prime ingredient. Both ingredients are relatively inexpensive and us humans, are programmed to love the taste and to seek out more of them. That means that these mass market gummies are neither great for the health of our teeth, and certainly not for our waistlines!

So why is Nutriburst using maltitol and isomalt?

Maltitol is neither as sweet nor as calorific as sugar nor glucose syrup that’s what makes it appealing. in fact, maltitol is about 90% as sweet as sugar and has fewer calories per gram (2.1 calories for maltitol compared with 4 calories for sugar and 3.4 calories for glucose syrup). 
however, the advantages of maltitol do not stop there. maltitol has in fact been linked to providing health benefits:

  • Blood Glucose Control

Like most other sugar alcohols (the exception is erythritol), maltitol is slowly and incompletely metabolised in the small intestine into both glucose and sorbitol. Whilst glucose is absorbed in the small intestine, sorbitol continues to the large intestine where it is fermented by microbes in the gut. Because of this, maltitol consumption (compared with an equal amount of sugar) requires less insulin secretion, which helps keep blood glucose levels lower. 

  • Oral Health

When we eat a food containing maltitol, bacteria in our mouths begin to metabolise it, though this process is incomplete because we lack the necessary enzymes. As a result, oral bacteria produce much less acid (10–30% less) compared with sugar. Thus, maltitol is considered tooth-friendly because the acids produced from maltitol metabolism do not contribute to enamel erosion or cavity formation. Furthermore, the act of chewing protects teeth from cavity-causing bacteria by promoting the flow of saliva.
Nutriburst has chosen to combine Maltitol with another sugar alcohol called Isomalt which brings its own benefits not least the added texture to the gummies. There are few vitamin and mineral gummies on the market that provide the anticipated texture when you bite into them. Nutriburst’s gummies do not disappoint!

Isomalt is a sugar-free sweetener discovered during the 1960s. Perhaps the most important facts about Isomalt though are that, like maltitol, it doesn’t stimulate the release of insulin because it has little or no impact on blood sugar levels and it doesn’t cause tooth decay.


Are there any negatives?

You’ve heard the saying “too much of a good thing” well the same can apply to too much maltitol and Isomalt. Consuming too much maltitol at one time may cause gastrointestinal discomfort due to the fermentation of sorbitol in the large intestine. But these effects may not be the same for everyone. Consuming foods that contain 30 grams of maltitol have been shown to be well tolerated by most people. However, Nutriburst gummies are designed with health and wellbeing in mind, and even if you were to take two of each of the gummies in the range you still wouldn’t reach this threshold. One final point on this is that a selection of people cannot tolerate foods that contain sugars represented by the acronym FODMAP. As these two sugar alternatives are polyols those sensitive to FODMAP foods would be advised against using these supplements.

What sets Nutriburst apart?

Nutriburst vitamin gummies are Sugar-Free, vegan, have Great taste and texture and are well thought through to serve lifestyle needs.

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