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In Conversation with Decléor; Essential Oils Skincare

By M. Borriero

Decléor is an essential oils skincare brand backed by science and powered by professional gestures.

They carefully produce their products with aromatherapists, aromachologists and dermatologists to ensure they have the best formulations to target all skin concerns. Their passion is natural skincare and efficacy, on both skin and mind, always prioritising natures finest ingredients over the use of synthetic materials.


Where do you source your ingredients from?

We select and sustainably source the essential oils from the finest regions in the world and locally steam- distilled to preserve maximum freshness. High quality oils need to be sourced from healthy plants grown in the optimal environment to help them flourish. For example, Lavender from France, Neroli from Tunisia, and Rose specifically from Bulgaria as it is grown organically.

What can you tell us about your commitment to sustainability and the planet?

We are committed to promoting sustainable and renewable sourcing of botanicals around the world, and to selecting only the finest essential oils. Since 2008, we have implemented an environmentally responsible and sustainable management project in Madagascar, where we source over 25% of the raw materials for our formulations. In collaboration with the NGO ASMADA - the project takes care of a village in the Masindray Valley whose mission is to reforest this valley. We also promote economic empowerment by helping a local distillery to develop its Essential Oils' production, and by supporting a cooperative of local farmers in valorising the soil.

In terms of packaging, our tubes (excluding lids) are recyclable, the PET bottles are made of recycled plastic and our glass bottles are made of 25% recycled glass.

What makes the brand different?

Decléor has pioneered essential oils in skincare since 1974 and is completely dedicated to the research and development into the powers of aromatherapy. We are looking for skin care efficacy and wellness in a natural way.

Essential oils allow us to create a natural scientific solution to every skin priority, body or lifestyle with powerful skin and mind benefits such as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti- stress. They truly are the plants’ natural remedy, having protective, reproductive and regenerative properties.

Decléor Neroli

Which aromatherapy ingredient do you find most effective in skincare?

Neroli Essential Oil, it helps to rehydrate the skin by locking in moisture and boost hydration levels, an absolute essential for any skin, as hydration is so fundamentally important for the skin to function and to be healthy.

What skincare routine do you recommend for glowing skin all year-round?

Double cleansing the skin twice daily will keep it clear and purified. Using serum and moisturiser during the day will ensure the skin is well hydrated and protected from external aggressions. Always use a separate, specific night product as this will help to repair and recharge the skin. A good exfoliator will help to remove dead skin cells to keep the skin fresh, glowing and radiant.

Decléor Gommage

What is the best way to handle sensitive skin?

Keep products to a minimum a simple routine not overloading the skin. Be consistent and always use something new for a minimum of 28 days to check for results. Look for products that are safe, natural and clean. Use products that have been allergy tested on sensitive skin like Decléor.

What 3 products should you always carry in your handbag?

A blemish spot targeting product to treat imperfections as they appear. An eye cream that you can reapply throughout the day to keep the eyes looking fresh and luminous. An SPF to top up throughout the day, which will protect the skin from UVA and UVB damage and help to prevent premature ageing.


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