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Our Ethical & Sustainable Picks this Earth Month

Our Ethical & Sustainable Picks this Earth Month

By B. Soberano

Earth Month is a great time to reflect on our impact on the environment and make changes to live more sustainably. John Bell & Croyden is committed to providing you with high-quality, ethical, and sustainable products and this month, we're recognising some of brands that hold this at the forefront and make the commitment to reducing their own environmental impact.

From formulas made with plant-based ingredients or free from harmful chemicals, to the ethical processes and packaging with a low waste production, explore our range of products from trusted brands that take the extra step in caring for our planet.

Wakaya Perfection

Wakaya Perfection

Wakaya sources their turmeric from small-scale farmers in a 2,200 acre organically certified private island with nutrient-rich volcanic soil in the Fiji archipelago. Wakaya’s geographical isolation, far from the tumult and pollution of the mainland, allows the brand to maintain the purity of their products. All products are grown in this volcanic soil created by thousands of years of natural erosion of volcanic rock, irrigated only with Fiji’s rain water, no pesticides ever used, and harvested by hand; producing the highest quality products on earth and constantly committed to doing their part to make the world a better place.



Solgar has been leveraging the science of nature since 1947 to introduce some of the world’s first and finest nutritional supplements. Caring for the environment has always been a central concern for Solgar and this why the brand has been working with the Carbon Neutral Company since 2000 achieving full Carbon Neutral status in 2010.

Wildsmith Skin

Wildsmith Skin

Wildsmith Skin is inspired by the natural world and the power of plants, with a commitment to work in harmony with the ecosystems to bring you products to heal and transform to give you healthy, glowing skin. With botanical formulas made from high-quality ingredients that are sustainably sourced, the brand is committed to reducing its environmental impact and giving back to the community.

Dr Jacksons

Dr Jackson's

Winner of many sustainability awards, including Best Natural-Organic Brand UK at The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2023, Dr Jackson's is a plant-powered, science-led cosmetics company creating natural skincare. The brand believes in beauty that is clean, safe and, most importantly, effective. With a plant-based core, cruelty-free sustainable ethics, and kind-to-the-planet packaging, it is constantly on its mission to continue developing an innovative, ethical and sustainable company.

wild Nutrition

Wild Nutrition

As a B Corp certified company, Wild Nutrition is committed to sustainability in every aspect of its business. This certification means it has met rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. More than 20% of Wild Nutrition’s spending goes to local, sustainable suppliers and bring you supplements that transform lives for the better, working with integrity and respect for others and leaving the world better than they found it.



With period care that is comfortable and leak free, Yoni's products are chemical free, with no plastic or synthetics, making a range that is kinder for everyone who has them, and the planet we live on. Products are made from organic cotton, that is soft, absorbent and breathable, with biodegradable plastics as the backing of  pads, liners and as the wrapper of these products as well as for tampons.

Bare biology

Bare Biology

Providing Omega 3 Fish supplements, Bare Biology only sources their fish oils and collagens from manufacturers with sustainability certifications, such as MSC, Friend of the Sea & Marin Trust. All its product packaging is recyclable, using minimal postal packaging. everything is sourced and manufactured in the UK to reduce air miles, except for raw ingredients which come from Norway by sea and road. The brand is committed to complete transparency when providing you with the best possible supplements.

These are just a few of the many great brands available who strive to care for our planet. By switching to sustainable brands, you can help reduce your impact on the environment and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

In addition to using eco-friendly products, there are many other ways to celebrate Earth Month. Whether it's by planting a tree, recycling more, or volunteering for an environmental organization, every little bit helps, so now is the time to get creative and find ways to make a difference!

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