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Making beauty ethical: Introducing naturally-derived, pioneering skin & hair care from Faith in Nature

By M. Borriero
Faith in Nature

With a rich history spanning 46 years, pioneering beauty brand Faith in Nature has been ahead of the curve when it comes to ethical beauty.

Founded by Rivka Rose, the company is focussed on creating genuinely natural products that are as kind to the skin and hair as they are on the environment – with all formulations made using only the best, naturally-derived ingredients. All Faith in Nature products are completely cruelty and paraben-free, vegan-friendly, and without any synthetic colourings or fragrances. What’s in the back of the pack should be front of mind, sits resolutely at the core of the company’s values …

Back of the pack, forefront of beauty

Since being founded in 1974, Faith in Nature has held steadfastly to the belief that natural, ethical beauty products should be accessible to everyone. Fifty years ago, however, ‘green’ cosmetics was not a headline-grabber and nor was it fashionable or mainstream. But this was no deterrence to Founder and Qualified Aromatherapist Rivka Rose who, in true eco-conscious fashion, chose the path less travelled to bring the world her pioneering products, that resonate deeply with today’s sustainable beauty trends. So, where did it all start?

From growing avocado seeds on her windowsill in New York to studying herbalism, Rivka always had a deep love for plants and all things natural. Following her move to Scotland, she channelled this into creating her own natural skincare brand – gathering seaweed to make her first shampoo and sourcing water from the natural beauty of the Lake District.

Today, efforts to pay heed to not what only goes into each product but also the environment around them has shaped Faith in Nature into an award-winning beauty brand – and earnt the company its name as one of the original natural beauty pioneers.  

Gentle on the skin, kind to the environment

Manufactured here in the UK, the unique collection of skin and hair care products comprises nutrient-rich shampoos, conditioners, body washes, soaps and hand washes, all dutifully created to be as gentle on the skin and hair as they are on the world around them.

All products from the range are produced from naturally-derived ingredients and have been carefully prepared to be free from Parabens, SLS & SLES, MI, artificial colours and fragrances.

Instead, prized beauty ingredients such as aloe vera, renowned for its healing abilities, wild rose, blue cedar, and dragon fruit rich in vitamins and antioxidants, are credited to giving each product its unique fragrance, helping to keep hair smooth and shiny – and the skin clean and nourished. 

Why choose Faith in Nature?

Today, the Coronavirus pandemic is raising demand for natural ingredients from the personal care industry – and coupled with increasing focus on clean, sustainable beauty, Faith in Nature are primed to cater to the modern and ever-evolving consumer needs.

The company’s award-winning range of hand-made, natural and vegan soaps and hand washes are naturally powerful detergents and are effective at removing dirt and bacteria. The entire range is SLS and paraben free and made with fully recyclable packaging – giving consumers peace of mind when it comes to ensuring not only the benefits for their wellness, but also that of our planet – at a time where hygiene is at the top of our priority.

Though 46 years old, the family-run company has a long tradition in creating environmentally-friendly products – on the inside and out – and in driving innovation, rooted in an enduring love of nature.

Their latest launch includes the new Faith in Nature shampoo bars, handmade and vegan-friendly. The unique formulation is made from 100% natural ingredients and the bars are completely soap-free, meaning they have a lower pH – proven to be far kinder to hair.

In keeping with the company’s vision of doing right by the planet, each bar comes in plastic-free packaging and are made with 100% recyclable cardboard. While the solid nature of the products means they are not subject to any liquid restrictions – and therefore perfect for trips abroad!

The shampoo bars are available in two best-selling natural fragrances:

Faith in Nature

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