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Little Butterfly: the Luxurious Organic Skincare Range for Mother & Baby

Little Butterfly: the Luxurious Organic Skincare Range for Mother & Baby

Little Butterfly London is an award-winning, luxury, organic-certified skincare brand for both mothers and babies.  The brand was created by Gudrun Wurm who, as a new mother, was inspired to create the range to nurture her newborn son’s delicate skin, giving him the best start in life whilst making their time together as magical as possible.

Little Butterfly Skincare

Gudrun had been passionate about skincare ever since she was young. She went on to embrace the study of organic cosmetics after her son was born, immersing herself in the world of gentle plant actives and learning about ingredients that can nourish, soothe and protect all at once. The result of her studies is the UK’s first luxury organic-certified skincare range specifically created for the needs of mothers and babies.

Created in London, and combining ingredients carefully sourced throughout the UK, Little Butterfly London ensures that only the purest, safest and most effective ingredients are used across the range. When pregnant, Gudrun came to believe that whilst women’s bodies are working on creating magic, they also deserved to be cherished. She was passionate about creating products that could be mood-lifting and pleasurable, and safe to use during pregnancy and breast-feeding, whilst being highly effective to deliver results.

The Little Butterfly London range includes a product to meet every skincare need. For expectant mothers, the Cocoon Of Bliss Stretch Mark Butter is a must-have. The unique and sumptuous, award-winning blend of ingredients includes mango, cacao and shea to deeply nourish and optimise skin elasticity. Manilkara leaf, argan and sea algae extract plump, as rooibos and arnica flower help soothe and calm itchy skin, and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. 

A multi-award winning and ‘hero’ baby product is the Soft As Moonlight Nappy Change Cream. It contains 18 natural ingredients including calendula, meadowsweet, oat kernel extract and a series of precious oils and butters, all of which combine to create a comforting and healing lotion to prevent and soothe nappy rash.  It also adds moisture to dry and sore patches of skin, which makes it the perfect handbag sized, go-to product.

The latest Little Butterfly product everyone is talking about is the Wrapped In Love Calming Anti-Pollution Face Cream for babies. The perfect answer for an urban environment, the cream acts as a barrier, protecting delicate baby skin – which is five times thinner than an adult’s skin – from harsh environmental pollutants. It sooths and calms even the most sensitive of skins thanks to its unique anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant combination of organic ingredients. Suitable for newborn, eczema-prone, ultra-sensitive and reactive skin, this is the perfect face skin cream for every baby (and even mum too!).

The Little Butterfly London range has been certified organic by Ecocert, which is the most established certification body worldwide, so mums can feel completely assured that the hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested products are the kindest and gentlest skincare products they can be.

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