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Q&A with David Sparkes, Founder of THE GRUFF STUFF

By B. Borriero
The Gruff Stuff

This week we spoke to David Sparkes founder of The Gruff Stuff, the premium British, vegan skincare brand.

Q: What is THE GRUFF STUFF and what makes it different to other skincare brands?

A: THE GRUFF STUFF offers a unique approach to skincare, by stripping your routine back to basics. We offer only a capsule range of three result driven products for the face, eyes and body.

Q: Where did the inspiration for the range come from?

A: In recent years, I have become more horrified at the amount of products brands can push out. Launches are based on what was in trend, turning into a novelty product, often missing the mark.

I found skincare brands with too many products confused me. I never knew what I was looking for and there seemed to be products for every specific part of the skin; along with routines that would have you applying products for hours(!).

Q: What ingredients are used in your products and why?

A: In all of our products we use Kakadu, Illawarra and Burdekin plums native to Australia. The Kakadu plum has the world's highest levels of natural vitamin C content, which is approximately 100 times that found in an orange. The Illawarra plum’s antioxidant capacity level is higher than in most fruits, making it up to seven times more potent than those in blueberries. The Burdekin plum has a high concentration of the anthocyanin, cyanidin 3-glucoside, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

The combination of these ingenious fruits creates a powerful formula that minimises skin damage, stimulates hyaluronic acid synthesis for increased skin hydration and reduces the signs of ageing.

Q: What makes the products so innovative?

A: Our products offer a weightless application through the use of the spray. The formulas are light and quenching for the skin, meaning you can really apply your skincare at any point of the day. It’s as quick as applying your deodorant.

The Gruff Stuff Spray on Moisturiser

Q: What hero products are included in the range and what’s your favourite?

A: We introduced 3 hero products; THE SPRAY ON MOISTURISER, THE EYE BALM and THE SPRAY ON BODY LOTION. If I had to pick one, then it would be THE SPRAY ON MOISTURISER. This lightweight hydrator is very effective, refreshing and easy to use.


Q: THE GRUFF STUFF is vegan, cruelty free, kind to nature – is this something that is important to you as a brand? 

A: Creating a brand that offers vegan, cruelty free and sustainable products is something that I believe should be the norm. We base all our decisions on these values, along with being ethical. This just allows us to work with the very best in business.

Q: You have recently been nominated for five Pure Beauty awards - which categories have you been nominated in?

The Gruff Stuff The Eye Balm

A: We received nominations in the following categories:

  • Best Anti-Ageing Product
  • Best New Male Skin & Body Product
  • Best New Vegan Beauty Product
  • Best Special Innovation
  • Best New British Brand


Q: You have also been nominated for Best New Men's Skin & Body Range at the COPRA Awards, why do you think the range is attracting so much attention?

A: COPRA awards are different to Pure Beauty Awards as the nominations and voting are closed, done only by the COPRA members, who are experienced industry buyers and professionals.

I believe that our no nonsense range stands out dramatically when compared to the usual overly complicated offerings that promote lengthy routines.

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