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In conversation with Dr Yannis Alexandrides, founder of 111SKIN

In conversation with Dr Yannis Alexandrides, founder of 111SKIN

By M. Borriero

This week we spoke to Dr Yannis Alexandrides, Harley Street plastic surgeon specialising in facial reconstructive surgery and founder of the medically-inspired skincare brand 111SKIN.

Dr Yannis Alexandrides

What is 111SKIN and what's the background of the brand?

111SKIN is a surgically-inspired and scientifically led skincare brand that started because of the many requests provided by my patients within the clinic. At 111 Harley St, I developed a healing serum that I gave to my patients post-surgery that accelerated the healing process following treatments. It was then that I elevated the formula to NAC Y2, during a 6-week length of independent trials, to be a complex that includes a trio of actives with enhanced antioxidant capabilities. The superior results included a youthful appearance, epidermal strengthening and scar reduction. It was this innovation that then inspired the first Reparative range of products and continues to sit at the core of the brand.

Can you tell us what makes 111SKIN different from other skin care brands?

Using my 20+ years of expertise and medical observation, myself and my team have been able to bring clinically-inspired skincare to the market that is engineered using the most innovative, active ingredients and formulas to continuously deliver the highest levels of efficacy. The medically-derived delivery systems harness my surgical knowledge to deliver and replicate the in-clinic treatments at 111 Harley St from home, all the while creating a sensorial experience.

What are the key ingredients used in your formulations?

Our key ingredient that is built within the foundation of our ranges is NAC Y2, broken down as N-acetylcysteine, Ascorbyl Phosphate and Aesculus Hippocastum Extract. This was originally formulated to help patients skin repair following trauma for an accelerated healing time and more effective results.


The N-acetyl is the derivative of Amino Acids whilst the L-cysteine is the precursor for Glutathione (the master antioxidant that the body produces). Ascorbyl Phosphate is a stable Vitamin C derivative and antioxidant and Aesculus Hippocastum Extract is an active antioxidant and vasoprotector. NAC Y2 has many proven benefits from helping the detoxification of the body to boosting brain and immune health. For the skin, NAC Y2 is key for healing, strengthening and hydrating the epidermis and dermis whilst designed to stimulate a strong antioxidant activity.


Who would you recommend 111SKIN to?

I would recommend 111SKIN to anyone! We have created tailored, targeted collections that treat a range of concerns such as dehydration, dryness and pigmentation. Skincare should be about showcasing your best skin and feeling confident with it; I like to think our products help to achieve that.

What's your best-selling product?

111Skin Facial Mask

It would have to be our range of facial treatment masks, designed with either Hydrogel or Bio Cellulose. Made from a coconut membrane, bio cellulose is 500 times finer than any regular sheet mask.

I used biocellulose in wound repair during my time as a trauma surgeon, so it felt a natural fit to utilise this for aesthetic purposes. In addition, we also formulate our ingredients with a hydrogel material, made from active ingredients that are then suspended in gel. Upon contact with the skin, the gel will release actives and infuse the skin with nourishment.  

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