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Introducing BeautyLab’s iconic, red carpet-ready collection: Black Diamond

Introducing BeautyLab’s iconic, red carpet-ready collection: Black Diamond

By M. Borriero
Beauty Lab Diamond Collection

Designed for all skin types, BeautyLab Black Diamond is a real ‘red carpet’ range infused with diamonds, precious gemstones, peptides and mother of pearl, to deliver both immediate and cumulative youth-enhancing results.

The brand, originally developed for celebrity estheticians, has quickly become an established salon/spa/clinic brand. BeautyLab creates smart, high-performance products that reactivate and re-educate the skin's functions, delivering both immediate and long-term results.

The BeautyLab Black Diamond product collection is designed to create flawless, radiant skin. Encapsulated diamond cores restore the skin's ability to reflect blue light, giving skin a radiant, more youthful appearance. Diamonds deliver a soft-focus effect that fills in fine lines and blurs the visibility of wrinkles, shadows, pigmentation and imperfections, as well as adding luminosity to the skin. Mother of pearl provides excellent but gentle exfoliation, giving the skin a pearly, smooth finish.

Sapphire has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, while Ruby nourishes, heals and energises the skin. The range is also rich in copper peptides: they moisturise, plump and soften the skin and improve its firmness and suppleness. BeautyLab Black Diamond range provides an instant photogenic look, which is why it is used at red carpet events, TV and fashion shows, where the skin must look absolutely flawless.

Treat yourself to a SPA-quality facial at home following these simple steps:

Step 1: Cleanse twice a day

Start your beauty ritual with this multi-active, luxurious cleanser that purifies and lightly exfoliates the skin. Cranberry enzymes exfoliate skin for increased suppleness and luminosity, while a wrinkle-reducing peptide stimulates cell renewal and improves skin firmness. Radish root peptide works as both an antimicrobial and moisturiser, while diamonds provide an energising and brightening effect. The skin becomes clean, soft and radiant.

Put a small amount of Black Diamond Peptide Cleanser on your fingertips and massage in circular motions on face and neck. Remove with a few damp cotton pads or rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry. Double cleanse if necessary.

Step 2: Apply a Serum twice a day

Instantly illuminate your complexion and give skin the youth-boosting moisture it needs with this glamorising serum. After cleansing, apply the BeautyLab Black Diamond Energizing Serum morning and evening, using pressing movements over the face and neck. The complexion is left deeply hydrated, revitalised and soft.

Step 3: Apply the Moisturiser twice a day

Use BeautyLab Black Diamond Moisture Complex every morning or BeautyLab Black Diamond Cellular Repair Night Cream every evening. Apply to face and neck with light upward circular motions, avoiding the eye area. 

Beauty Lab Diamond Collection

Black Diamond Moisture Complex instantly hydrates, plumps and illuminates the skin. Advanced peptides support collagen production, increasing firmness and strength, while hyaluronic acid adds and locks down a powerful dose of moisture to re-plump wrinkles and enhance skin's bounce.
Created for all skin, including skin that is lacking vibrancy, uneven in tone, with imperfections, fine lines and wrinkles.

BeautyLab Black Diamond Cellular Repair Night Cream is designed to support the night-time regeneration process. It helps repair skin tissue and deeply nourishes the skin. The formula supports collagen production and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, while a multivitamin complex supports cell renewal and helps reduce oxidative stress.

Step 4: Exfoliate a couple of times a week

Minimise the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles with BeautyLab Black Diamond Pearl Dermabrasion 2 to 3 times per week after cleansing. This award-winning treatment removes dead skin cells, stimulates cell renewal, reduces uneven pigmentation and promotes brightness. Key active ingredients include magnesium, which increases skin hydration, and aloe vera, which provides soothing moisture.

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