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Introducing the Vitamin Skin Peels by Skin Design London

Introducing the Vitamin Skin Peels by Skin Design London

By B. Soberano

Skin Design has launched their most advanced formulas to date: The Vitamin Skin Peels, which have been at the core of Founder & CEO of the Designer Cosmeceuticals Clinic and award-winning skin expert, Fatma Shaheen.


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As the next step in your skin strategy, this powerful trio of peels offers targeted solutions to prevalent skin issues from pigmentation and acne scarring to dullness and fine lines. Infused with signature actives, get intensive results by supercharging your skincare regime and bringing devitalised skin back to optimum skin health.

Skin Design London Cherry Gloss Peel

Cherry Gloss Peel

Targets: Pigmentation & Dullness

Over eight years in the making, this energising peel marks the start of every SDL facial. A wake-up call for devitalised skin, this sensorial mask uses cherry infused glycolic acid, with lactic acid and fruit-derived antioxidants to remove dull skin cells and encourage cellular respiration. Skin is stimulated, encouraging the synthesis of collagen to plump fine lines and fade acne scars. A fresher, more even skin tone appears after the first use – the indulgent scent is merely a bonus.

The Actives

WILD CHERRY - a source of vitamin A, B, C and E to stimulate collagen production and keep your skin glowing and healthy.
GRAPE SEED EXTRACT - strengthens the membranes of skin cells as well as nourish dry skin.
ALGAE EXTRACT - hydrates.
LACTIC ACID - helps to firm and tighten skin and eliminate dead skin cells.
GLYCOLIC ACID - improves skin radiance and treats inflammation by gently exfoliating.
PAPAYA - natural exfoliating properties, ideal ingredient for acne and blemish-prone skin.
ROSE MOSQUETA - reduces scars.
ORANGE PEEL - high quantities of vitamin C and has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that help to enhance skin health
Skin Design London C Glow Peel

C Glow Peel

Targets: Pigmentation & Signs of Ageing

A gentler alternative to hydroquinone treatments, this targeted peel contains professional-strength actives that work together to tackle discolouration. A stable form of vitamin C is combined with Radianskin™, a patented breakthrough molecule that inhibits the production of melanin, fading existing dark spots and preventing new pigmentation from developing.

The Actives

RADIANSKIN™ - inhibits melanin production.
ABSORBIC ACID - brightens and protects.
MANDELIC ACID - brightens skin, fades unwanted sun spots, banishes acne scars, and minimises age spots.
NIACINAMIDE- visibly minimises enlarged pores, improves uneven skin tone and strengthens the skin surface.
FERULIC ACID - brightens dark spots and improves overall skin dullness.
PHLORETIN - combats acne and signs of aging

Clear Skin Peel

Targets: Pigmentation & Blemishes

Designed for inflamed, acne-prone skin, this professional peel contains a complex of BHA, niacinamide and dioic acid to modulate oil production and clear congestion from within the pores. By reinforcing the skin barrier, post-acne hyperpigmentation is reduced and skin is left clear and bright. A powerful, stand-alone solution for both active acne and lingering scars

The Actives

DIOIC ACID - reduces the production of sebum, kills acne causing bacteria and fades acne scars.
NIACINAMIDE - visibly minimises enlarged pores,improves uneven skin tone and strengthens the skin surface.
SALICYLIC ACID  - clears congestion.

Be sure discover the full collection by Skin Design London including the new Vitamin Skin Peels to transform your skin today!

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