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Meet the Founder - Skin Design London

Meet the Founder - Skin Design London

By M Borriero

Skin Design London Founder Fatma Shaheen shines light on how to achieve luminous skin

Skin Design London Founder Fatma Shaheen
  Radiance is a sign of great health – and when it comes to beauty, we are constantly on the quest for a look that is ‘glowing’, ‘radiant’, ‘luminous’, ‘dewy’. From Instagram filters to the bright, contoured and highlighted images of celebrities that shine through our social media feeds, it seems we have truly entered a new age of enlightenment. This week, in honour of the company winning the prestigious Breakthrough Brand at this year’s GQ Grooming Awards we shine the light on luxury cosmeceutical brand Skin Design London, who have just launched their debut cleanser, promising to leave the skin feeling healthy, youthful and luminous.

Skin Design London is one of the luxury brands we stock at John Bell & Croyden.

Since its launch in March 2017, the designer cosmeceutical company has established itself as a global brand, with stores across the US, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Europe – on a mission to redefine performance skincare. 

This month Skin Design London have launched their highly anticipated Face Bath – an antioxidant-rich cleanser designed to suit all skin types. Packed with powerful plant-based fruit acids and organic extracts, the creme formula is gentle enough for daily use and works by quickly transitioning into an oil upon massage with a touch of water. With regular use, the twice-daily cleanser promises to help pores, reduce blemishes and leave the skin feeling and looking healthy, youthful and luminous.

 We spoke to Founder and CEO of Skin Design London, Fatma Shaheen to discover the key to achieving a healthy glow and how you can reap the long-term benefits of healthy-looking skin. 

What was the key reason for launching the brand, and why did you decide on a cosmeceutical brand?

My experience of treating clients at my clinic and my desire to make them happy led me to develop Skin Design London. I was frustrated with working with inefficient skincare products and treatments whose formulations failed to deliver skin health. I wanted to streamline my clients’ skincare products and the confusion of what works and what every skin needs, especially in a crowded market. Each product is the result of conversations and treatments with clients. My love of formulating treatments and fusing together different cocktails of ingredients with my lab led me to design formulations. The clinic taught me that every skin condition can and should be treated with high-performance cosmeceutical ingredients compounded with vitamins and botanicals without the aggressive downtime associated with a lot of prescription-based products and ingredients. The key to treating skin and achieving a healthy wellbeing glow is to start with the right mix of products. We don’t skin type – I believe every skin needs the same fundamentals. Our formulations are designed with unique ingredient compounds that all skin types can use without causing irritation.

What is your vision for the brand?

My vision for the brand is to be transparent and results-focused and build a long-lasting client base. What we have achieved in a short space of time is becoming “the go-to brand” for basic skincare – the brand that you have confidence in and can prescribe with ease when someone needs advice on skincare.

How would you describe Skin Design London’s core philosophy?

Our core philosophy is all about skin wellbeing and health using a balanced edit of cosmeceutical essentials. When clients come to us it’s at the point where they need help and want a fresh glow to their skin – they want to know what key products will help with tone and texture. Our team focuses on not selling but to educate our clients on how best to treat your skin. Designer Skin Bar provides the perfect skin “home” for clients to discuss and play with skincare and treatments. It’s also fundamental for the brand to have a retail presence to remain connected, especially with the rise of online shopping clients and skincare brands. I think we are all in desperate need of more human connection.

As we age, what are some key concerns that crop up? 

The common concerns that we all have are lines, wrinkles, skin texture and tone. But over the past 10 years, I have seen a huge rise in skin inflammation and acne, especially for women in their 40s. What Skin Design London does is focus on the skin’s wellbeing, not just by using aggressive formulations that promise to get rid of your issue in 6 weeks. It focuses on your skin’s nutritional needs by using cosmeceutical ingredients and vitamins, and it’s a daily investment in your skin – it’s like exercise, to keep the heart healthy you need to do cardio on a regular basis, otherwise, you will not have or experience the long-term benefits. This is the approach I preach to my clients regarding their skincare. 

What would you say are the must-have ingredients in today’s skincare products?

I think the rise and popularity of Vitamin C and Retinol based products will dominate. Our Acne Serum contains Azelaic acid and Salicylic acid, which is key for 2019 in combining another powerful antioxidant with treatment cosmeceuticals. This offers clients a beautiful approach to skin cell turnover without aggravating the skin. Antioxidant and cell turnover compounds are key and essential. Serums will dominate, and I hope sheet masks will be replaced by proper cream mask formulations that deliver results and have a higher impact on the skin.

What do you say to women who don’t have the time to indulge in any sort of skincare routine at home?

That’s why Skin Design London has grown so fast. It’s for the woman or man who does not have time but wants results. It’s an easy edit of essentials, allowing you to use minimum products for optimum results – starting with C Antioxidant Glow, the foundation to skin health, and finishing with Retinol Crème or Retexturing Serum for the long-term wellbeing of your skin.

Lastly, if a person could only use one skincare product, what do you suggest that product be and why? 

Can I choose two? Skin Design C Antioxidant Glow, a must if you want good texture, tone, or if you have sun damage, pigmentation, or are suffering from acne or redness. It’s for every skin type. That’s why It has become an iconic product – used daily to protect skin against the environment, pollution, sun, and cold weather; the key for skin health. My other hero is Skin Design Retexturing Serum. These two products are the perfect team. They support the work each ingredient does and enhance the results. This one is what keeps your skin looking well!

Finally, how does it feel to win Breakthrough Brand at this year’s GQ Grooming Awards?

Amazing!!! I am so honoured and grateful to have won ‘Breakthrough Brand of the year’. A huge thank you to both GQ and John Bell & Croyden for both believing in the brand and their ongoing support since we launched. This truly is amazing! John Bell & Croyden is a natural home for the brand – the team and its clients love the best in skincare. Over the past year, our male clientele has grown, and the GQ team have been so supportive and understanding of our brand’s message.

Skin Design London combines cutting-edge cosmeceutical expertise with powerful formulations, using a range of designer ingredients in all products to give you “your best skin ever”. 


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