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John Bell & Croyden Press Showcase: A Celebration of 225 Years of Beauty Excellence

It's that time of year again when the social calendars of beauty enthusiasts and industry insiders fill up to the brim. But this year was unlike any other, as we at John Bell & Croyden pulled out all the stops to celebrate the historic milestone of our 225th Anniversary in grand style. With a focus on innovation and excellence, the 2023 John Bell & Croyden showcase was a magnificent gateway to some of the most audacious and exhilarating brands across the world of health and beauty.

Reshaping the beauty & wellness landscape

This year's event was more than just a celebration; it was a symphony of beauty, skincare, nutrition, wellbeing, luxury, and groundbreaking technology. Excitingly, we
introduced our brand-new technology category, setting the stage for even greater strides in the world of health and beauty.

The event spanned three fabulous days, attracting nearly 100 influencers and press from across the beauty universe. With over 50 dazzling product launches, our showcase united an extraordinary line up of vibrant and visionary brands, each on the brink of reshaping the beauty and wellness landscape.

Highlights from the showcase

Here's just a few of the highlights from the lifestyle category, including a sneak peek at brands to look out for and coming soon:

Pioneering and award-winning British brand ilāpothecary blends 100% natural products with purpose, offering a cutting-edge synergy of herbology, naturopathy, phyto-actives & homeopathy, inspired by the sanskrit word for earth – ‘ila’

Dreem Distillery is the brainchild of Hayley Dawes, a businesswoman and mother of 4
young children. For years she suffered with crippling insomnia, finding only marginal success through the more conventional methods of bedtime relaxation. Providing restful and restorative sleep through the transformative power of CBD, Dreem Distillery offers the highest-quality CBD products.

Shleep is dedicated to your wellbeing and the vitality that a great night’s sleep brings to our waking life. Its breakthrough philosophy is simple, and incredibly effective. Research shows we sleep better with wool. Shleep created ShleepHalo™ the first ultra-luxurious bedlinen for an extraordinary night’s sleep.

From scalp care to nutrition

Why should skincare stop at the hairline? MONPURE are a collective of beauty experts, dermatologists and scientists who are all dedicated to finding a real solution to the issues of hair loss and thinning. Studies have shown that the scalp ages just as fast as the skin on your face – in addition to being plagued by environmental agitation. Monpure has created a much kinder, more ‘diplomatic’ solution in form of an innovative clarifying scalp scrub.

Well.Actually. develops scientifically advanced supplements which provide optimally absorbed vitamins, nutrients and bioactive compounds to deliver superior biotherapeutic results. Development and manufacturing processes are carried out here in the UK.

The latest in skincare

Intuisse is the brainchild of a team of Swiss molecular scientists and organic chemists. Although the benefits of NAD+ for skin health are well documented, its structure is unstable and scientifically proven penetration to the lower levels of the dermis has remained elusive - until now.

Protected by an international medical patent, Dr. LEVY Switzerland®’s formula is the fruit of Dr. Levy’s 15 years of work in stem cell research. It is based on the 2012 Nobel Prize of Medicine research, which proved that our stem cells are like time machines; they can safely regain their youthful powers if they are correctly, and vigorously, reactivated.

Celebrating Innovation - SEABODY

One of the biggest highlights of the event was the opportunity to showcase luxury
skincare brand,
SEABODY, the proud winner of our Anniversary Award. Our Award was launched to commemorate our 225th anniversary, seeking the next big beauty brand in the industry. SEABODY's innovative and sustainable collection utilises ocean plants from the Irish Atlantic coastline. As part of the award, their impressive tech-powered beauty and wellness products will soon grace the shelves at Christmas, offering customers a unique sensory experience!

Recognising our spectacular runners-up

The event was also an opportunity to celebrate our spectacular runners-up:

TRU HYAL 100 A Korean-born, technologically advanced beauty brand utilising patented freeze-dried technology to preserve the potency of their ingredients.

Le Rouge Français Offering plant-based colour as an alternative to non-renewable pigments, with formulas that are up to 100% natural, certified organic, and vegan.

The Universal Soul Company Their award-winning well-being products are designed to destress, rebalance, and uplift through the senses.

Hempe A health brand that combines the best natural ingredients for relief with CBD to produce four powerful topical products to alleviate aches, pains, and skin complaints.

We extend our appreciation to all who joined us, from the remarkable brands showcased to the influencers, press, and attendees who made this year's event an extraordinary triumph. Your support fuels our journey towards another century of progress and innovation. Here's to the future!