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Introducing: SEABODY, winner of The John Bell & Croyden Anniversary Award

Introducing: SEABODY, winner of The John Bell & Croyden Anniversary Award

We are incredibly proud to announce the impressive luxury skincare brand, SEABODY, as the winner of our first-ever ‘Anniversary Award’, launched as we mark the historic milestone of our 225th Anniversary to find the next big beauty brand in the industry.

In the health and beauty space, there's always something new and exciting coming
to the fore. At John Bell & Croyden, we have always strived to stay ahead
of the trends to bring our customers the very best the world has to offer in
skincare innovation and technology. As we celebrate the momentous occasion of
our 225th anniversary, we embarked on a riveting journey to seek out the next
sensation in the world of health and beauty.

The exciting & competitive contest

Our special 'Anniversary Award' was launched to celebrate remarkable, forward-thinking health and beauty brands that prioritise innovation, sustainability, and ethical practice. It was opened to all young and innovative independent brands across the industry, and with over 80 brands vying for the coveted title, our judges certainly had their hands full.

Over 80 new brands participated, with a rigorous selection process ultimately shortlisting nineteen contenders for the next round. The final select few had the opportunity to present their brand and product range in full to the esteemed panel of judges.

As well as being listed, the winner would receive an exclusive marketing package worth
£25,000 and a prominent feature in the widely distributed Country & Town
House Magazine.

Watch the highlights here

Introducing our Winner: Seabody

With its innovative and sustainable collection that utilise ocean plants from the Irish Atlantic coastline, Seabody navigated this fierce competition and secured the top spot.

Seabody surpassed nineteen other innovative beauty, health, and wellbeing brands that had secured coveted spots on the shortlist. The brand's co-founder, Dr. Helena McMahon, is dedicated to creating high-efficacy, clean-label products, with sustainability at the heart of their mission.

Working towards a fully circular model, Seabody recently became the only Irish brand to achieve the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark, which reflect the highest standard of sustainability best practices across ESG+ (Environmental, Social, Governance and Innovation).

The innovation-led Irish brand has pioneered products that exclusively use organically certified, sustainably cultivated, and hand-harvested seaweeds from the Wild Atlantic Way, employing zero-waste clean technologies to extract potent bioactive ingredients. Their packaging choices are equally eco-conscious, featuring infinitely recyclable glass, forest steward certified paper, and biodegradable inks.

We are excited to have the privilege of showcasing their amazing collection of tech-powered beauty and wellness products at our store in 2023.

Unlocking the power of ocean plants

Seabody’s skincare products have been biodesigned, based upon a deep knowledge of skin health and bioactive to create high efficacy products, which are all nature based, vegan aligned and deliver a luxury sensory experience.

This includes the hero Glycan Enrich Moisturiser, the tech-powered brand’s first product to reach hero status, is an ultra-nourishing, hydrating product, enriched in Maraderm super concentrate in addition to key actives such as vegan omegas, ceramides, squalane and niacinamide. This supercharged formula works with your skin to hydrate, smooth and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Also, the brand’s high-tech eye serum Pentabrite Eye Serum has also already gained
cult status. It features an intense infusion of marine actives, including Maraderm™,
caffeine, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and an upcycled blueberry extract with blue light filtering properties.

Speaking about the coveted prized, Co-founder Dr. Helena McMahon said:

“Winning the John Bell & Croyden Award is such a huge honour for SEABODY. As a science-led brand with full commitment to positive impact, beauty and wellness, quality and efficacy, there is huge alignment between our brand’s ethos and values and that of John Bell & Croyden.”

Words from our judging panel

Alexander Johnston, General Manager of John Bell & Croyden, added:

"At John Bell & Croyden, we have always strived to stay ahead of the trends to bring our customers the best the world has to offer in skincare innovation and technology. We are excited to announce SEABODY as the winner of our exciting new prize, in recognition of their unique innovation-led collection that embodies our approach to setting new standards in the highly competitive world of health and beauty."

Speaking about the award, judge Sallie Berkerey, Managing Director of CEW UK, said

"CEW UK is honoured to be part of this special award to mark 225 years of John Bell & Croyden. The UK beauty industry is extremely competitive, so it's tough for new brands to find cut-through and be noticed in retail. Giving brands this chance to be spotted and celebrated is a testament to John Bell and Croyden's standing in our industry as innovators and true supporters, and we have enjoyed meeting with so many businesses from across the sector."

The John Bell & Croyden Anniversary Silver Award

We also proud to announce the runners up and joint winners of The John Bell & Croyden Anniversary Silver Award, who will be awarded with listing and a £5k marketing package.

TRU HYAL 100, Korean-born, minimalistic, and technologically advanced beauty brand, founded in 2021. Products are formulated utilizing patented freeze-dried technology which involves removing water from frozen ingredients and placing them under vacuum, preserving their potency and molecular structure. This allows the brand to utilize only active ingredients, resulting in products that are free of water, preservatives, and additives.

LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS, a brand that brings the only expertise of its kind in the world that offers you the first alternative to chemical, non-renewable pigments: plant-based colour. Formulas are up to 100% natural, certified organic and vegan. A refined alliance between sustainable packaging and luxury sensoriality. The brand designed the first bio sourced and refillable lipstick case.

The John Bell & Croyden Anniversary Bronze Award

And finally, the joint winners of The John Bell & Croyden Anniversary Bronze Award, who will be awarded with listing at John Bell & Croyden.

THE UNIVERSAL SOUL COMPANY is about helping us reconnect to ourselves, to others and the World beyond, through the senses - whilst developing the best mindset to navigate the world and the sometimes challenging & yet wonderful experience of being human.

HEMPE, combining natural ingredients for relief with CBD to produce powerful topical products to alleviate aches and pains. Formulated over 60 years of research by world renowned scientists, it is specially formulated for fast absorption and targeted relief of soreness in muscles and joints or to sooth the skin.

A huge congratulations to our extraordinary winners who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to shaping the future of the beauty industry. We are thrilled to bring all of you to John Bell & Croyden!