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8 Skincare Essentials to carry you through this London Fashion Week

8 Skincare Essentials to carry you through this London Fashion Week

By M. Borriero

London Fashion Week is officially around the corner. Claimed as the most exciting week of the year from fashionistas and bloggers, this period doesn’t give time for puffy, tired eyes or messy hair. Between late-nights parties, early morning shows and not particularly healthy airport food, you are probably looking for skin rescue products that can provide you instantaneous results, but without irritating your skin or trigger any breakout. Fashion Week is the “show time” week, and if you want to look fresh all day long, we have the right survival kit for you!

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Zelens Pads

Get that glow

These PHA exfoliating pads by Zelens gently exfoliate the skin while providing antioxidant protection. You can use it every day after cleansing and your skin will look instantly smoother, radiant, with an even skin tone.

Demalogica Biolumin c serum

Give your eyes a boost

London Fashion week is literally upon us. Help your eyes with this Dermalogica Biolumin-C Serum supercharged with ultra-stable Vitamin C complex. The lightweight, cooling serum feels refreshing and comfortable around the eyes making it suitable for every type of skin.

Skinceuticals Phlorentin CF gel

Protect and add radiance

Help to reinforce the skin’s natural protection from environmental damage with Skinceuticals Phloretin CF serum gel. Packed with potent antioxidant - Phloretin, pure vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), and ferulic acid – this serum refines skin texture for a smooth and more radiant skin tone.

Make up Fashion Week
Albus & Flora

Make your lips happier

Naked Flora is a deeply nourishing, highly antioxidant, vitamin and omega rich lip balm, with broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, SPF 30. Formulated with alpine rose extract, cranberry and raspberry seed oil from the Arctic to protect against sun damage, fine lines and loss of lip fullness. The powerful blend of seaberry, avocado and blackcurrant seed oils help to nourish, stimulate cell renewal and support skin barrier function. Lips are smoother, healthier and protected all day long.

Dermalogica Hydramist

Refresh your complexion

Looking for a quick fix? Revive your skin throughout the day with this Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist. Perfect to set your make-up in the morning and add a dewy glow to the skin during the day. Skin appears supple, plumped and visibly revived. The formula contains active antioxidant shield to help fight free radical damage and help prevent the signs of aging caused by Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs) – a damaging by-product of sugar/protein reactions on the skin. A few sprays are all you need to refresh your complexion!

Balmain Dry shampoo

Shake & Spray

When getting up those early stars, refresh your hair with Balmain Dry Shampoo. Perfect in-between shows as not only revives volume, but it will give you texture and an instant runway look. Silk protein and Argan oil stimulate the moisture retention within the hair cell, repairing and protecting weak, damaged and dry hair.


Stay Hydrated

Too many cocktail parties? Keep yourself hydrated adding 2 tablets of Phizz in 300 ml of water. It contains 8 B vitamins that help your body to release energy and powerful antioxidants to recover from tiredness. Great support before a long flight as it will keep your electrolytes high.


Energy on the Go

Quickly absorbed, this Vitamin B12 Oral Spray contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, normal energy metabolism and normal psychological function.

The tiny droplets represent an effective alternative to tablets and capsules and it’s perfect on the go.

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