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Meet Harry Aaronson, Co-Founder of Heath

Meet Harry Aaronson, Co-Founder of Heath

By B. Soberano

We caught up with Harry Aaronson, the Co-founder of Heath, the skincare brand made to provide protection for the urban man. Discover more about the modern grooming brand that brings simple, finely crafted solutions for the daily routine.

Harry HeathCan you tell us about Heath and the story of how the brand was born?

I founded Heath with my father after a game of squash. Both based in London, I was working in real estate and my dad was busy building a personal care brand. It’s safe to say, we were both ‘urban men’time poor and always on the go.

We found that we craved that moment to escape the city intensity, our weekly squash game would become a therapeutic way of detaching.

One Sunday in October, dad and I had just finished a game. The conversation shifted to Men’s Skincare. It was a limited conversation which arrived at a simple conclusion – simple, well-designed products that protect men from the city environment and leave you feeling great don't exist. 


Why were you inspired to start a range targeting men’s grooming and skincare?

Our goal from the beginning has been to offer protection for the urban man. Functional products that work to protect his skin. I wanted to reframe skincare as a wellness moment, a daily ritual to help him detach, just like we did during our mid-week squash game.

As the modern urban man, how do you think the men’s grooming industry has recently evolved?

We have seen a rise in men’s enthusiasm for skincare particularly since the pandemic. Men are increasingly more aware of their health and wellbeing – according to a recent study, the number two most important value amongst male skincare users is looking after their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around them.

At Heath, we are educating men on the benefits of a skincare routine both from a skin protection angle and as a wellness moment. We want to reframe skincare as wellness moment by encouraging men to take time out of their day to switch off.


In what way has Heath been able to provide formulations that focus on being ‘fuss-free’?

We focus on providing premium products that will streamline your skincare routine. All of our products are packed with high potency natural ingredients and new generation actives at the highest levels to make them as effective as possible. They have to live up to ease of use – for example our Heath Face Wash is a 2-in-1 exfoliator and cleanser, removing the need for a separate face scrub. It makes it perfect for daily use by effectively removing any dead skin cells and unclogging pores leaving your skin clean, smooth and protected.

The range aims to protect the skin from external aggressors. What are the unique ingredients used in your formulas that are key to protecting the skin from environmental exposure?

We’re dedicated to first-to-market innovation and each of our ingredients have been carefully chosen for their specific tried-and-tested benefits on men’s skin. What’s increasingly understood is that every day our skin is exposed to an onslaught of environmental aggressors – like daily exposure to Blue Light from digital screens. So, we formulated our Heath Moisturiser with Soliberine® NAT to help protect skin from Blue Light and our Hand Salve with Pollustop - an absolute necessity in today’s always-switched-on world.

moisturiserSoliberine® NAT is derived from the butterfly bush; a hardy plant found in the mountains of China that has adapted to high levels of UV exposure. It has a strong capacity to neutralise Blue Light-induced free radicals, that lead to premature ageing.

Pollustop is derived from naturally sourced vegetal yeast, this new-generation active forms a breathable film on the skin to protect from the three forms of pollution - atmospheric, UV light and domestic - which can weaken the skin barrier causing irritation and premature ageing.

What advice would you give to men or those who are looking to start their skincare or grooming regime?

To invest in a few products that complement each other – building a simple skincare routine that can easily be incorporated into your morning ritual, think of it as a moment to switch off. Just a few additions to your existing morning routine to keep you cleansed, protected and feeling great. If you’re new to skincare don’t let this intimidate you! Maybe take a few tips and start with a basic 2-in-1 Face Wash.


What would you say is your hero product and why?

The Heath Eye Serum is my vice! The skin underneath and around the eye is incredibly thin. Silk Tree Extract defends against dark circles and helps strengthen the skin. It also helps reduce any puffiness. I like to keep an Eye Serum in the office and use throughout the day.

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