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New! Dermalogica's Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum

New! Dermalogica's Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum

Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum

We are excited to bring you a new product from Dermalogica,
Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum. A high-dose, fast-acting multi-retinoid with booster technology that helps reverse four signs of ageing with results in as little as two weeks. Are you a retinol user or have you been scared to try it? Or like many of us, are you so confused about what to use and how to slot it into your regimen safely? We quizzed Dermalogica’s Education Manager Victoria Evans to break through the retinoise!

Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum 2

In a nutshell, what is this new retinol serum and who can use it?

Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum is a high-dose wrinkle serum, with a 3.5% retinoid complex with booster technology that features multiple retinoids working at different speeds to help transform the look of skin. This fast-acting multi-retinoid helps reverse the appearance of wrinkles, retexturize skin, minimize the appearance of pores, and even out skin tone.

We know Retinol can be intimidating, and that sometimes it can cause unwanted side effects. Some Retinol serums fail to provide visible results, others are too harsh and cause sensitivity or dry, flaky skin. At Dermalogica, we don’t take shortcuts — so we formulated a Retinol serum to reverse the appearance of wrinkles without compromising your skin’s health. It can be introduced gradually if you’re new to retinoids or used nightly for those experienced users.

What are the different types of retinoids and how do we know which one to choose?

Most of us have heard of Retinol, but it can become confusing when other Vitamin A derivatives are promoted in a product. Retinol is a retinoid and retinoids are derivatives of the Vitamin A family. Some are stronger and more potent in their impact on the skin and typically the stronger the form the more potential for irritation it has.

Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum

Retinoic Acid is the strongest form and drives the positive changes we see in the skin; however, this is only available on prescription and is highly irritating. What’s important to note, is the weaker derivatives when applied to the skin, convert to Retinoic Acid and deliver the same benefits over a longer period of time. The closest type to Retinoic Acid is Retinaldehyde (Retinal) followed by Retinol, then retinol esters (such as retinyl palmitate) being the weakest. The weaker the type, the more tolerated they are but the longer it takes to see results. There is also Granactive Retinol (HPR) a new-generation retinoid which acts directly in the skin and does not go through the conversion steps. This sits between Retinol and Retinal in terms of strength but is very well tolerated.

When it comes to deciding which type is best for you, the key is to start with a milder formula and build it into your routine gradually. But it doesn’t need to be overly complicated. There are many products with different strengths which can make it hard to choose. Dermalogica takes that confusion away with a well-tolerated, fast acting formula suitable for most skins.

What makes up the 3.5% retinoid complex in Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum?

Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum

Many people get hung up on the percentages in a formula but that’s not the only indictor of efficacy and results. We’ve formulated our latest retinol serum with multiple types of retinoids to deliver fast results without compromising skin health. The 3.5% retinoid complex is made up of; Pure Retinol, encapsulated, time-released Retinol, Granactive Retinol plus a booster to increase the efficacy of the retinoids further. By formulating with different types of retinoids that work at different speeds and depths, gives us well tolerated and quick results. We’ve also included concentrated Squalane and soothing Beta-Glucan to improve hydration and reduce the irritation commonly associated with retinoid use.

How do I introduce Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum into my regimen?

If you are brand new to retinoids, introduce it slowly. It’s important to understand that your skin needs time to build its retinoid receptors within the skin cells, so going too strong, too fast will likely result in dry, irritated skin.

Use Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum 2 x a week, a few days apart, building to nightly use over a 4-6 week period. If you have been using a retinoid product comfortably, you can introduce it nightly straight away.

Are there any do’s and don’ts we need to be aware of with retinoid use?

  • If you experience uncomfortable, dry or irritated skin when using retinoids, reduce frequency of use so as not to compromise skin health.
  • It’s advisable to increase hydration via your other products in your regimen. For example, switch to a nourishing cleanser, introduce a hydrating mist or serum with Hyaluronic Acid in the daytime and use a slightly richer moisturiser.
  • Retinoids should only be used at night and SPF must be used during the day.
  • Due to the increase in cell turnover with retinoid use, you may not need other exfoliants in your regimen. You may need to reduce your acid use or opt for a gentle powder type exfoliant just a few times a week.
  • If you go for professional skin treatments, peels, microneedling etc. don’t use your retinoid for 2-3 days before and after your treatment. This also includes hair removal methods such as waxing.

Do you have any other retinoid formulas we should know about?

We have Overnight Retinol Repair 0.5% which comes with a Buffer Cream. This is a great introductory product for a retinol beginner to build skin tolerance. We also have Retinol Clearing Oil which contains a gentle retinol ester combined with Salicylic Acid. This is great for breakout prone skins looking to clear the skin and tackle ageing concerns. And we have Age Reversal Eye Complex, a retinol cream designed specifically for the delicate eye area. Don’t forget to pair your retinoid product with a sunscreen in your morning regimen, Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 is a great option.

Can you tell us about the brand and how it originated?

NEW Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum is clinically proven to reduce the four signs of skin ageing in 2 weeks*

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