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Meet the CEO of Noble Panacea, Céline Talabaza

Meet the CEO of Noble Panacea, Céline Talabaza

Meet Céline, the CEO at Noble Panacea, which she co-designed with Sir Fraser Stoddart, the Founder and 2016 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, and Audrey Bois Nicolaï, the Head of Brand Development. We spoke to her about the art of the revolutionary molecular technology that is behind the formulas.

Céline Talabaza

What is the story behind Noble Panacea and the philosophy behind the brand?

Today the industry usually focuses on quality or type of ingredient to include in a formulation, but the work for an efficient skin care solution does not stop here. Instead, it is essential that we focus on how to get these ingredients to perform the way in which they are intended. The reality is when a cream is applied on skin, the majority of its ingredient-intended action fades or is muted after a short while. That is where Noble Panacea skincare differs. Our vanguard, breakthrough OSMV™ Technology is truly an advancement in the skincare industry, after all it is a result of Sir Frasers 50 years of research.

The OSMV™ is an Organic Super Molecular Vessel - a safe, green, very precise active ingredient delivery system. It protects and preserves the maximum potency inherent in fresh active ingredients until it is applied onto skin, precisely delivered at the right time in the right place.

Noble Panacea bases its formula on the discoveries made by a Nobel Prize winner, how did this come about?

Sir Fraser Stoddart, founder of Noble Panacea, has been awarded the Nobel Prize of Chemistry in 2016 for his work on molecular machines. Sir Fraser is an expert of Green Chemistry and his ultimate goal is to impact others positively with his research. He always reminded me that everything he achieved in his field is recognised by his peers (in science) but he wished he could contribute beyond the scientific field and have a much wider impact. Here is the kick starter for Noble Panacea, the very first application of the OMV, the Organic Molecular Vessel, in a creation that be used every single day. This technology of natural encapsulation allows active ingredients, dissected at the molecular level to be timely released where and when it needs to be. The OMV could be used in other industries such as the pharmaceutical industry with potential targeted drug delivery or even renewable energy. Skincare was the perfect platform for Sir Fraser to make his wish come true and be able to impact many with his discovery and make a real difference, creating new standards in the cosmetic industry.

Can you tell us about the OSMV™ technology?

The Organic Super Molecular Vessel Technology™ is an unparalleled encapsulation and delivery system that protects each active ingredient at the individual molecular level to preserve ingredient freshness, potency and prevents negative cross-interaction. Each OSMV™ is 10,000 times smaller than a skin cell, allowing for the deepest level of penetration. A revolutionary development, individual ingredients can be programmed to be released with the optimal timing in an ordered sequence, with an extended-release profile. The unique and total properties of the OSMV™ Technology improves the overall formula efficacy by up to tenfold.

What does Green Chemistry mean?

The OSMV technology pertains to the Green Chemistry field Sir Fraser has been studying his whole career. The OSMV is a green technology as it is produced respecting the 12 principles of green chemistry in our laboratory in California, it is made from safe and biodegradable material. The OSMV is a delivery system, an encapsulation model which can host both natural ingredients molecules and modified ingredients molecules (which would be chosen in this case because they are more efficient or safer than the natural options.)

Can you tell us more about sustainability and why it is important to the brand?

The gorgeous iconic white box is made from starch even though it is hard to believe when you look at it. Thanks to the craft and engineering of my team, we can create a very luxurious, pristine object in a biodegradable material. As we have a high repeat purchase which comes from the fact our clients are seeing the results on their skin during the first month of usage, we launched the refill last year which allows our clients to keep the iconic box (although it is biodegradable and recyclable) and refill with doses only.

The Organic Molecular Vessels Technology is sensitive and fragile. In order to make sure we protect the encapsulation system and the ingredients are released according to how we have programmed the formula, we had to launch with Daily Dose. This allows us to ensure the integrity of the technology and the release of the ingredient. It also enables us to use less preservatives and provide perfect dosage for optimal health. All doses are collected into an envelope and sent back for free to our recycling partner.

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