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Q&A with James Chase, Farmer & Founder of Baz & Co

Q&A with James Chase, Farmer & Founder of Baz & Co

Discover more about Baz & Co, the male skincare range founded by farmer, James Chase, with a mission to provide you with naturally healthier skin from products packed with potent natural ingredients grown in vertical farms here in the UK. Read the conversation with James to find out his inspiration for launching the brand and the process behind the formulas!

What inspired you to launch Baz & Co?

Now in my 30s, following a decade of not looking after myself too well. Something needed to change. I saw a more profound, growing connection to farmers through building my last brand, Chase Distillery. And this inspired me to release a simple skincare range designed for men who want to look and feel great, following a simple morning routine whilst supporting regenerative farming techniques like vertical farming.

Being a farmer, how does your experience reflect in your formulas to make the products in the range unique?

I've always believed the closer you are to the source of your food and drink, the better it is for us and the environment. Simplicity is essential, and natural products, if made well, can really deliver.

Can you tell us more about your use of basil as your crucial ingredient and why you chose this?

Basil, or Baselius, meaning ''King' in Greek, is grown on a vertical farm; they have no herbicides or pesticides and can be grown all year round. It's loaded with nitro indents and is highly anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

Many of your ingredients are grown on 'vertical farms’. What does this mean, and what are the benefits?

Its innovation and technology work in harmony with nature. These vertical farms, traditionally used for growing salad leaves and herbs, use 85% less water than conventional farming methods and can grow crops all year round. They do consume more electricity, but in our case, this is sourced from renewable sources.

Baz & Co cold Shower

Why do you believe in the power of cold showers?

My morning routine really sets me up for the day ahead. Humans are a habit, and my days don't start right if I don't take a cold shower. It increases blood circulation and concentrates the mind through proper breathing techniques. Plus, it's a challenge, and if I can get through this for a few minutes, I can get through anything!

What does your daily skincare routine look like?

A cold shower, of course, using the Restore and Awaken Body Wash, followed by the 2 in 1 Exfoliator/Cleanser for my face. Then will use the Skin Food Moisturiser for the face. Easy as 1 2 3.

What do you look forward to for the future of men's skincare?

A space for men to own their mornings and provide a little self-care through their chosen brand that shares their values. Looking good and feeling great can be for everyone, but it starts with loving yourself.


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