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In Conversation with Sarah Chapman

By M. Borriero
Sarah Chapman

Today we spoke to the most sought-after celebrity facialist Sarah Chapman, who shared with us her self-care routine, the golden rules for healthy skin, and her most innovative, award-winning skincare range Skinesis.

How did you start your career in the beauty industry?

« I have had a keen interest in beauty since school – I was always in trouble for purple-streaked hair and too much makeup – so my first move into the industry was actually training as a makeup artist in fashion and special-effects. My fascination with skincare evolved from this, recognising that great skin made the best canvas for great-looking makeup. Subsequently, beauty therapy, aromatherapy, hairdressing and massage training gave me the ability to take a 360° view of skincare and wellness and helped develop my interests. I learnt the intricacies of formulation while studying cosmetic science, which has been invaluable in my product development and communication with chemists. My early career in beauty combined freelance treatment work with management and sales in salons and, later, skincare companies. This combined expertise led me to presenting on TV shopping channels, where I could delve into and share insights about many beauty brands.

While I was employed on a TV shopping channel, a facialist friend of mine asked me to take on her small list of clients because she was moving to Australia. I started with about five clients, and then my client list began to grow very quickly and organically through people recommending me to friends. I took a small room in Chelsea and soon hired my first employee, gradually increasing my rooms and team over the years before outgrowing that space and opening my Skinesis Clinic in Sloane Square in 2015. »

What was the inspiration behind Skinesis?

« I launched Skinesis skincare in 2008 after years of mixing my clinical cosmeceutical creams and ingredients with aromatherapy essential oils, trying to get optimal results while also offering something that felt great on the skin and smelt amazing. I was inspired by my clients to create a product targeted towards the real skin issues I encountered every day, Sarah Chapman Skinesisand I recognised that most of the results-driven products already on the market were in medical-type packaging that people wouldn’t necessarily want on their bathroom shelves. Also, many of these formulas were sticky and did not smell great, making your beauty routine feel like a chore, not a pleasure.

I decided to create my own range for real skin-transforming results, combining the best of advanced, scientific ingredients, powerful botanicals, delicious textures, pure essential oils and enticing fragrance all wrapped in luxurious packaging. This is really the extension of my clinical philosophy – a combination of technology, science and luxury. »

What are the golden rules for beautiful skin?

  • Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse! Cleansing is the foundation to healthy, glowing skin.
  • Protect your skin with SPF all-year round.
  • Invest in vitamin A to target signs of ageing and use this every day.
  • Take regular omega oil supplements and nutrients to support the skin from within, and consider what you eat in your diet as this will show in your skin.

How often do you recommend people get facials?

« I recommend having a facial about every four weeks. »

One product you can’t live without?

« Overnight Facial is definitely my desert island product. I always have a bottle on my bedside table and never travel anywhere without it. I never get tired of waking up with plump, glowing skin! »

What's the best product for reducing the appearance of pigmentation?

« The best shortcut to an even-toned complexion is my 10-day Radiance Recharge System. Formulated with 10 single-dose skincare shots, this intelligent system starts by reducing existing discolouration with gentle micro-exfoliation, followed by a combination of our concentrated brightening vitamin C cocktail and Glow Complex CB3. The system is completed with a hyaluronic hydrator to give a guaranteed, glorious glow. »

Can you talk us through your skincare routine?

« My skincare routine varies based on the season and my complexion’s needs – however, most mornings I begin by cleansing with my Ultimate Cleanse before applying my Stem Cell Collagen Activator and Age-Repair Concentrate to firm my skin and treat signs of ageing.

Then I apply Dynamic Defence Concentrate as my day cream – it has SPF 15 for essential daily UV protection, makes a great makeup base and adds luminosity to the skin. I will often add Skin Insurance SPF 30 or 50+ on top, both of which have a beautiful subtle tint that gives you a healthy, post-facial glow. I also use Eye Insurance SPF 30 in the daytime, and Eye Recovery around my eye contour in the evening – these lightweight formulas have been specially formulated to respect and rejuvenate the delicate skin in this area. »

What skincare products would you recommend to someone who has very sensitive skin, but still wants to target wrinkles and fine lines?

« My Overnight Facial elixir is perfect for most complexions – it blends rejuvenating vitamin A (my favourite ingredient for anti-ageing) and powerful firming peptides with skin-strengthening omegas and soothing natural oils to ensure skin is left youthful and radiant, but also calm and comforted.

If you do experience any irritation, I would recommend trying my Ultra Recovery Booster: this omega-rich serum combines all the power of essential fatty acids with anti-inflammatories and a probiotic complex to relieve and support your skin. Skin feels deeply hydrated with all of the visible signs and discomfort associated with irritation instantly reduced.

Follow this with my rich, buttery Comfort Cream D-stress, which contains 12 potent skin-defence actives to restore the skin’s barrier and reduce sensitivity over time. »

What makes the brand different?

« My unique ‘From Face to Formula’ approach – thanks to having studied the complexions of so many women and men in my treatment room, I am able to create scientific formulas that address the real skin concerns I see every day. Your skin changes constantly due to lifestyle, environment, hormones, products used, diet, climate and more, so it’s hugely important to find formulas targeted to your specific concerns (vs based on your ‘skin type’). »

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