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Wildsmith Skin Q&A

Q&A with Wildsmith Skin

By M Borriero
Wildsmith Skin

This week we spoke to Katherine Pye, General Manager of Wildsmith Skin, a luxurious, all natural skincare range that uses the latest plant derived bio actives, botanicals and minerals combined with targeted delivery systems to provide clinically-proven, highly-effective benefits.

Where did the inspiration behind Wildsmith Skin originate, and what makes it different from other skincare brands?

Wildsmith Skin really blends the best of nature and science together. Not only do our products go through rigorous, Independent Clinical and Consumer User Trials, we ensure that we bring the finest and most beneficial natural ingredients and bio-actives to each product. We call the coming together of botanicals and science Radical Botany.

Our story behind Radical Botany came from the progressive botanist, William Walker Wildsmith. During the late nineteenth century Wildsmith created the gardens and arboretum of Heckfield Place in Hampshire, England. The idyllic estate, now a biodynamic farm and hotel, is our spiritual home and source of constant inspiration. Wildsmith’s radical approach to horticulture, in particular the trees he lovingly planted, continue to shape our philosophy to skincare.

As part of your commitment to sustainability you use compostable packaging, made of Mycelium. Could you tell us what this is and why mycelium is good for the environment?

Wildsmith Skin was one of the first luxury beauty brands to use Mycelium packaging. Mycelium is the vegetative root structure of a Mushroom, an organic material which is grown around a mould and forms a custom sized secure structure. It is an incredible living network of fine fungal roots that cleanses the earth and even allows plants to transfer nutrients between each other.

Wildsmith Skin

As Mycelium breaks down debris on forest floors it creates a web of thread-like filaments (hyphae) that branch out to consume organic matter. This natural process can be grown into virtually any shape or form to create infinite variations of product packaging.

Our mycelium compostable gift set packaging is biobased, home compostable, hydrophobic and flame resistant. At Wildsmith we believe mycelium packaging aligns perfectly with our sustainability values.

What active ingredients do you use in your formulations?

Wildsmith is driven by nature and science so it is really important to us that we harness the most potent bio actives for optimum results in our products. Hydrolized Hyaluronic Acid is a good example of this, it is used within our new Wildsmith Double Clay Refining Mask, alongside other products and its low molecule weight means it can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in moisture so its excellent at limiting Trans Epidermal Water Loss.

What's your best selling product?

WILDSMITH SKIN Nourishing Cleansing Balm

Our Wildsmith Active Repair Nourishing Cleansing Balm has become a Global superstar within our portfolio. It is a really unique format, as the name suggests you would expect a solid balm like texture, however it’s a jelly texture that when in contact with water and gliding on the face, turns to a milk. It is packed with precious oils and rich butters and it’s now coined the term A Spa in a Jar for that very reason, your skin feels so clean and soothed after cleansing!

We are heading into summer. What changes should we be making in terms of our skincare routine?

At the end of every season take the time to analyse your skin. Try to keep skin condition and skin type separate although both are important to consider when choosing skincare. If you are not sure on your skin type, cleanse your skin and leave for 30 mins skincare free. There are four skin types – normal, dry, combination and oily. Leaving your skin free from any products for half an hour will allow you to see what your true skin type is, and this will help you when choosing skincare products.

Skin conditions change throughout the year and particularly at the change of the season (our skin type typically stays the same) however as we age, as our lifestyle changes, as we are exposed to different day to day stresses these can all affect our skin condition. Picking one skin condition and making that your skin goal is best as too many goals can be confusing and limits the results you will achieve.

First of all, Cleansing
Cleansing will always be a key part of your skin care routine all year round. But if you have noticed winter has left your skin feeling particularly compromised, lacking in plumpness, hydration and nourishment our Wildsmith Skin Nourishing Cleansing Balm will be the perfect antidote. Kuki butter immediately brings comfort, smoothness and softness to the skin, whilst hydrating and preventing further water loss. For skin that feels stressed, Calendula oil has been a trusted ingredient for centuries, known for its incredible healing and anti-inflammatory properties, it immediately brings comfort, relieves redness, and reduces sensitivity.

And… Exfoliation is key!
Winter skin is known to leave the skin dull devitalised and looking grey, dead skin cells can latch on to the skin perhaps as the body’s attempt to provide an extra layer of protection during the harsh winter months. It is important to remove these dead skin cells as they will zap the skincare goodness and hydration you apply daily and not forgetting an exfoliated skin is a radiant, glowing, smooth skin.

Our new Wildsmith Skin Dual Action Exfoliating Treatment is designed to banish the dead skin cells with skin integrity as a priority to ensure we respect the skin whilst gently freeing and buffing the dead skin cells away. Using a combination of PHA’s (Polyhydroxy Acids) that help to loosen the dead cells whilst attracting water to enhance skin hydration. Pineapple enzymes aid the removal of dead skin cells whilst reducing inflammation and soothing the skin. Cherry Stone Micro Powder gentle lifts and buffs the dead skin cell away, leaving the skin brighter, smother and visibly more radiant. Look out for dual action exfoliators as they are created with the skin in mind, to ensure you are exfoliating correctly for maximum results without compromising the skin and the skin barrier.  

Can you mix any of your products and do you have any recommendations?

Wildsmith Skin Platinum Booster

I would recommend our award-winning Wildsmith Skin Active Repair Nourishing Cleansing Balm as the foundation for all of our skincare products. The Omega Nutrition Complex in it makes sure skin feels clean and hydrated and importantly it protects the skin’s barrier so that it is ready to accept the products that you use after cleansing.

My personal favourite within our range is Wildsmith Skin Platinum Booster, it contains Encapsulated Oxygen which boosts collagen production by catapulting the micro-circulation into action and as a result helps cell turnover so you can start to see the smoothing and relaxing effect on your wrinkles. It is our ‘star’ player in terms of skincare science, and it is a true treat for skin.

The wonderful thing about the Wildsmith portfolio is there are no rules or regimes, our products are interchangeable and can be layered as you wish. The botanicals within our products tend to steer me in the right direction on any given day, as sometimes I feel like I need an uplifting, energising aroma and sometimes something like Chamomile or Lavender to soothe my skin.

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