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Q&A with Verónica Fisas, Founder of Natura Bissé

Q&A with Verónica Fisas, Founder of Natura Bissé

By M. Borriero
Verónica Fisas natura Bissé

Who are Natura Bissé and what does it stand for?

Natura Bissé is a Spanish skincare company with international presence in the luxury sphere of the beauty industry. We are an independent family-owned company, based on values of quality, honesty and team work. Since our inception, Natura Bissé’s core business has always been and will always be skincare – skincare products for face and body. We are focused on what we do best: skincare treatments. Exquisite textures, advanced formulations – which are the perfect synergy of different active ingredients – and award-winning research create the perfect combination for healthy, beautiful skin at every age and for every skin concern. We consistently innovate to remain a leading skincare solution for our clients and to keep on designing exclusive spa experiences to advance the industry and promote overall wellness.

You have been thinking beauty since 1979 – can you tell us more about your heritage?

Our background comes from the spa business. Our knowledge comes directly from the real skincare experts: professional aestheticians who treat thousands of clients every day and know first-hand what the skin truly needs. We believe in their influence as prescribers since there is no one better to recommend skincare products, due to their profound knowledge of the skin. These skin professionals guide us in looking for the solutions our clients are looking for. Therefore, we create our skincare collections and spa treatments based on the clients concerns and respecting the high standards aestheticians swear by: superior efficacy combined with the most delicate scents and textures.

Where did the name Natura Bissé come from and what does it mean?

The Natura Bissé name was the result of a brainstorming session my parents had a few months before forming the company in 1979, where all the shareholders attended. Each one had a list of possible names. At that time, Bali was the dream destination everyone wanted to visit. Someone said Natura de Bali, but that did not work. My father mentioned at some point Jacqueline Bisset, a famous movie star and style icon at the moment, but that was also rejected. It was my mother who proposed Natura Bisset. They all liked it but without the final T.
Over time we all discovered that our brand name conveyed the perfect union and balance of two fundamental values: Natura (essence, nature, freedom, freshness) and Bissé ( style, elegance, glamour and excellence).

How would you describe your core philosophies?

As a brand from Barcelona, we believe in a healthy lifestyle, in taking care of oneself, in the joie de vivre, in a natural way of living that does not mean organic, but authentic and honest, passionate and open-minded. This Mediterranean spirit is the origin of our particular concept of beauty: we believe that beauty is much more than physical appearance, it is inner balance and contentment. Therefore, we always try to go one step beyond skincare: we create ground-breaking wellness spa experiences not just for the skin but for the senses, such as our Pure Air Bubble and The Mindful Touch. We also create innovative, ultra-efficient skincare products for at home use that are conceived to be enjoyed. We truly believe that self-care is not just a need but something we should definitely enjoy.

You have a number of collections, can you tell us more about each range and what skincare needs they cater for?

We own over 150 references as we do not believe in “magical formulas” that solve all skin concerns. Honesty and quality remain the most important aspects of product development and production. Each ingredient is thoroughly researched, and after extensive testing, only the most innovative ingredients are used in the highest concentrations and with the most highly efficient delivery systems that provide immediate, long-lasting results. Just to name some of our collections:

  • Diamond Collection is our global anti-ageing line created to counteract the natural ageing process and environmental factors that erode the skin’s inherent ability to renew itself.
  • The Inhibit Collection is the perfect skincare complement and/or alternative to micro-injections and other medical-aesthetic procedures.
  • C+C Vitamin Line is an antioxidant and vitamin cocktail for the skin; a unique dose of extra energy and luminosity.
  • NB·Ceutical formulas are developed with soothing and softening ingredients that nurture and pamper the most delicate skin.
  • Diamond Well-living is our latest launch, a collection made to make us happier. A mosaic of textures and scents that transform the skin and mood. A vegan, body collection with more than 90% natural ingredients which prioritises the use of recyclable materials.

And there are many more.

The power of touch is at the heart of your brand, why is it so important especially now?   

Today, more than ever, the things we cherish most are worthwhile experiences–little moments of joy found in caring for ourselves and those around us. We are all facing a very difficult moment in time, which highlights the importance of touch and pampering.

We are bombarded by screens, isolated by social distancing… and with these circumstances, human touch has become more important than ever. At Natura Bissé, the power of touch has always been at the essence of everything we do.

It is our way to connect with people. We value the power of touch of our aestheticians. Their professional hands do the magic. But when we talk about the power of touch, we expand beyond sensorial contact, we are talking about touch as sensibility; touch is about listening, understanding and empathy. It is our way of understanding beauty and life. We aim to make our clients embrace the power of touch. We truly believe that taking care of ourselves is not an act of vanity but an essential need to live well.  

You have won a lot of awards over the years, which one are you most proud of and why?    

Each award is a recognition for our daily effort to become an authority within the wellness industry. And by “our” I mean the tremendous commitment of our team who make this project possible.

I remember that back in 2004 we were all very excited to receive an award in hands of the Spanish prince, Don Felipe de Borbón as a recognition for business excellence.

Being selected World Best Spa Brand 2018,2019 and 2020  has also been an honour and of course all recognitions from worldwide premium magazines like Tatler, Harper’s Bazaar or Vogue motivate us to keep working to provide our clients with the best products and spa experiences. 

Do you think the recent pandemic has changed people’s beauty routines?

Yes, absolutely. During lockdown, video calls and digital platforms have allowed us to see each other and look at ourselves more. The reflection of our own image on digital screens has led to a greater concern for self-care, mainly focused on our physical appearance. Without a doubt, collectively we want, and have a growing need, to look and feel good from the inside out.

For example, with the use of the masks, the eyes have become the absolute star when it comes to expressing ourselves and communicating with each other. Not only because it is the only area that is exposed, but also because, together with the eyebrows, it is the most important part of non-verbal communication. Therefore, eye contour creams have been used more.

On the other hand, many people visited spas as soon as they reopened. The beauty industry has been always very strict when talking about sanitation, but they made a huge effort to adapt themselves and their businesses to the new reality. People are in need of good care and pampering and the spas are a great and safe place to enjoy a moment of leisure and self-care.

What would you say are the must-have ingredients in today’s skincare products? 

It depends on the need. At Natura Bissé we don’t believe in miracle active ingredients. Without a doubt, it is only the masterful combination of different active ingredients and the concentration of those that will determine the overall effectiveness of skincare products. 

What newness can we expect from Natura Bissé throughout 2021?

This year we will focus our efforts in sharing our skincare expertise with our clients, offering them exactly what they need so they can feel happier in their own skin. The launch of Diamond Well-living is a good example, created to transform our days and our mood. We want to be accessible whenever and wherever a person decides to care for their skin and well-being.

Finally, what is your favourite Natural Bissé product and why?     

As you can imagine it is very difficult to choose just one. Diamond Glyco Extreme Peel is definitely one of my favorites. Exfoliation is a key step for any skin type which helps fight a lot of different concerns like dark spots, wrinkles, acne, dryness… This product is based on a triple enzymatic exfoliation system with 5 AHAs which provides non-aggressive, safe, and visible effects in just 15 minutes. The skin looks instantly rejuvenated, lifted, more luminous.


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