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In Conversation with MAHSA, this Smile Month

In Conversation with MAHSA, this Smile Month

By B. Soberano

15th May - 15th June marks National Smile Month, which is the nation's biggest Oral Health Campaign that holds its mission to promote good oral health and the value of a healthy smile! We spoke with Mahsa Nejati, founder of MAHSA to learn more about her stunning oral care range and get a better understanding on how caring for the mouth affects our overall wellbeing.

Mahsa Nejati

Hi Mahsa, can you tell us how and why you decided to start a dental care range?

Good Oral care contributes to good oral health. Being in this profession for more than 25 years.

As the mouth is the biggest gateway to the rest of the body, I wanted my patients to understand the need to continue to care for their teeth and gums not only in the dentist chair but most importantly at home.

Just like skin, the gums are a vital part of the body and need dedicated care. Not only do they keep teeth in place and shield against bacteria but also contribute to overall body health. For that reason, I pride myself on providing a holistic approach to tooth care, focusing on treating the mouth as a whole. Having run my own practices for many years and seeing thousands of patients who had struggled with gum disease, inflammation, stained teeth and bad breath, I wanted to provide a solution that my patients could safely use at-home in between dentist appointments. And so, MAHSA was born - a full range of oral products developed with a holistic approach at the forefront. Products based on herbs and spices and soon to be launched products based on calming effects of gemstones.

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Mahsa’s products have quite unique ingredients for oral products. Can you tell us a bit about your choices for these and their benefits?

My first launch of products are based on earth elements, herbs & spices. The core of the products is to remove staining and whiten teeth but also give patients a fresh breath by killing the bad bacteria associated with gum disease. Herbs and spices in the correct formulation have an inhibitory effect on biofilm and is helpful in reducing inflammation and controlling plaque formulation.

Aside from mouthwash and toothpaste, what are the other products in your range?

We also have a full range of teeth whitening products. They include the most talked about LED light that is very unique in a way that it combines Blue and Red light to whiten teeth and help to kill the bad bacteria under the gums.

Used with a whitening pen or anti-septic pen, it can remove staining and gum inflammation at the same time. The benefit is that it’s simple to use at home.

Also in this range, we have oil drops, that can be used between meals to remove bad breath and help to inhibit bad bacteria growing in the mouth. It also helps to lubricate the mouth, the result is a reduction of acidity and bad breath.

As a dentist, what are some common problems you have found that people seem to face when it comes to their maintaining good oral hygiene?

Common problems are that patients don’t have much time and also they don’t want to use many different products at home. This is why I have made the oral hygiene steps easy at home, it’s a maximum of using 2 products and made it simple for everyone to be able to use.


How can our oral health affect the rest of our body and health?

There is now enough evidence for us to understand that plaque and gum disease are the cause of many systemic diseases. If you have a poor oral health you are at risk of cardiovascular disease. The bacteria from the infected gums enters the bloodstream, and can cause the arteries to build up plaque. This can put you at risk for a heart attack. Poor oral hygiene and gum disease can also cause the body to develop an insulin resistance, which in turn can cause type 2 diabetes. More recently, studies have found a link between periodontal disease and pancreatic cancers. Many research papers also says that the bacteria that cause gingivitis also may be connected to Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists have found that this species of bacteria, called Porphyromonas gingivalis, can move from the mouth to the brain.

How might our diet impact the health of our mouth?

A poor diet can contribute to tooth decay and gum disease. Foods which are heavy in starches and sugars, as well as carbohydrates will contribute to high levels of plaque acids, those same acids which attack your tooth enamel to break down. MAHSA oral oil drops, based on Rosemary & Thyme and Turmeric, Black pepper and Clove oil toothpaste and mouthwash was developed to reduce the acidity in the mouth and prevent the above.

Smile Month

As we celebrate National Smile Month, what are some tips you have, to maintain a healthy smile?

To maintain a healthy smile/mouth, you need to:

  • Brush your teeth twice per day ideally with an electric tooth brush.
  • Use good oral products, toothpaste and a mild mouth wash.
  • Use interdental cleaning, ideally floss or Tepe brush.
  • Limit sugar intake, specially sugary drinks. If you have a sweet tooth, maybe try to have your sugar same time as your meal. See your hygienist every 3-6 months.
  • Use whitening products at home to remove staining and to whiten your teeth.

A white smile is a sign of youth. Dental rejuvenation treatments are very fashionable now including micro-layering (by Dr Brandon Nejati at The Nejati Clinic in Belgravia)

Book an appointment with your dentist to find out how you can improve and rejuvenate your smile.

This Smile Month, discover our Dental and Oral Care range to give your smile that extra bit of love!

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