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In Conversation with Michele Longato, CEO of Piuma Care

In Conversation with Michele Longato, CEO of Piuma Care

By B. Soberano

Join us in our conversation with Michele Longato, the CEO of Piuma, as we discuss the unique bristle technology and iconic design of the oral care range. Find out more about the science behind the range and Michele's tips to maintaining good oral hygiene.

Tell us about the visions and origins behind PIUMA

PIUMA was born to create a new vision in the oral care called oral beauty. The oral beauty is like an evolution of the oral care market, putting pillars and innovations used in the beauty market into oral care. The starting idea of PIUMA is that our beauty begins from our smile. Our products had to be innovative, had to include a high level of scientific research and of course good design.

PIUMA uses unique innovations with nutrients present inside its bristles. Can you tell us about this technology?

Piuma Antibacterial

Our toothbrushes are the first in the world that nourish your smile while brushing. It’s a brand new technology that allowed us to create a new era: before us there were only manual and electric toothbrushes; everything was focused on the power and manoeuvrability of these tools. With us, the focus is wider and starting from an excellent shape (of course because we are made in Italy) we go over it with the vitamin C bristles, for example. This vitamin is not coated on the filaments (it would disappear after a couple of uses) but it is inside them. The filaments increase their diameter due to the contact with water allowing vitamin C to go out gradually. This is the reason why we can guarantee that the filaments stay active at least for 2 and half months; of course, it could change a little depending on how many times a day you clean your teeth, sorry, you nourish and clean your teeth! Our active ingredients, like vitamin C, echinacea and many more to come, are supported by deep scientific studies for the health of teeth and gums.

What are the various specially designed bristles and their benefits?

Today we have 3 different bristles:

Piuma Bristles
  • Antibacterial: available in the medium and soft version that guarantee the highest level of hygiene; the anti-bacterial bristles are Tynex® rounded premium micro bristles with a minimum thickness of 0.1mm able to perfectly remove the organic film without damaging the gums in anyway.
  • Vitamin C that, as scientific research shows, nourish our gums that are the base of our teeth; Vitamin C eases the gum tissues healing with a reduction of bleeding trend. It also increases the immune defences by supporting the gum health
  • Echinacea is able to protect the respiratory track and strengthen the immune system by stimulating our natural body defences, and it performs an antiviral and anti-bacterial action. Its main functions are anti-inflammatory, healing and immunostimulant, and it is perfect for the hygiene of gum lines and interdental spaces. It also reduces bad breath and removes halitosis bacteria.
We are developing new filaments like Gingko Biloba and more to come. Each bristles have different colours so customers can clearly understand which one answers to their specific needs.

What was the process of coming up with the sleek, iconic design along with the calendar base?

Piuma Design

It was a very interesting journey! Making an iconic product, that you could recognize immediately on the shelf and that could maintain this aura for a long time is not easy. So, to do this you have to start from its functionality. First of all, we needed to think about good design, make a list of bullet points about the pros of the product to start to define a route on a blank piece of paper.

Our toothbrush is longer to go deeply into the oral cavity, the thickness is minimal to increase usable space and flexibility also is very important to be gentle on the gums. There is a tongue cleaner on the top and round shape at the bottom for a 360° grip. These needs were then matched with our technical know-how and then our R&D dept. Create the best solutions for the production of this everyday piece of art! And we did it. The shape is so simple and at the same time, has everything you need. That’s something complicated!

Our pillars are design, science and innovation. So putting this elegant toothbrush in a glass was not nice but, first of all, not hygienic! Again, functionality followed by design. The base made the toothbrush more stunning and left it in a perfect position; the hole in the base allows the water to drain and leaves it as clean as possible, definitively more than when in a glass!

Piuma Calendar Base

The calendar base is something with I came up with later. I saw some space behind the design of the base and there was this sentence “remember to change it at least every 3 months” coming from our marketing dept. So, why not inform our customer about it in a smart way and connect them with us? And here it is the calendar base! A nice reminder for your oral hygiene. At PIUMA, every single detail is made to give our customers the best experience and these details make a difference!

How about the materials and your commitment to sustainability?


Care is in the name of our company; Piuma Care and of course we care also about the environment without giving less quality to our customer. We created a philosophy inside the company called Be That Chain, to underline our commitment and explain how to recycle our products. Our toothbrush handles are 100% recyclable and at the same time they are antibacterial (using food contact techno polymers), so giving the best level in terms of quality and hygiene. Our products live in the bathroom so we must be aware about hygiene. We inform our customers about how to recycle our products. There is not a planet B, and there is not even a second smile!

What mistake do most people make when managing their oral health?

We are usually in a hurry. We don’t have time and sometime this annoys us. That's why we created a new idea of a smile routine, starting from the stunning shape of our toothbrushes, that you wouldn’t hide in your bathroom anymore. We created some gestures that have more in common with beauty, so with us taking care of your smile sounds like a beauty ritual, sustained by excellent, innovative and efficient products. So, the main point is to take your time with your oral beauty.

Can you give us some of your best tips to maintaining a good oral hygiene at home?


Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Brush them for 2 minutes and don’t use too much toothpaste. This is the reason why we use an airless system (right quantity in the right time without squeezing it!). Use dental floss and mouthwash, especially in the evening before going to sleep. An exceptional result can be achieved using our food supplements daily to support your diet for a perfect oral health. In our products we put all our effort to reach the best goals in terms of functionality, good design, efficacy and scientific innovation. Welcome to the oral beauty era!

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