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Dr Irena Eris is a premium European doctor brand present in 40 countries around the world. We offer luxurious skincare products for face, body and for makeup. Their anti-aging formulas are based on the scientific patents developed in our cutting-edge Science and Research Center. Technological advancement of the formulas, always go with safety and proven efficiency of our products.


The Collections


Firmness & Elasticity Improvement

An innovative line of anti-wrinkle cosmetics combining the natural wealth of the seas and state-of-the-art biotechnological advancements. Based on the mechanism of action of the biomolecules in the marine algae Undaria Pinnatifida, the unique Reproductive Cell Technology™ stimulates the skin to dramatically regenerate and fight the signs of aging.


Absolute Quality of Hydration

A new level of hydration thanks to a new-generation active ingredient – γ-polyglutamic acid (γ PGA), proven to be 5 times* more effective as a moisturizer than hyaluronic acid. This mesohybrid deep moisturizing system, uses the innovative technology of biocompatible carriers that act as a magnet for H2O molecules, which guarantees intensive, long-lasting hydration and anti-wrinkle action at all skin layers.


Global Anti-Aging Care

This anti-wrinkle series guarantees spectacular, immediately noticeable skin rejuvenation and eyelid lifting, which restores a relaxed and glowing look to your face. The remarkable effectiveness of the creams stems from the original combination of gold peptide with the unique technology of activating potassium channels, which is a global-scale breakthrough made by none other than the Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research (CNB) and the Polish Academy of Science (PAN).


Skin's Beauty Rhythm

Synchronising the circadian rhythm of the skin, improving its condition and preventing premature ageing. The Bio-Chronocell complex neutralises the stress-inducing effect of blue light. During the day, it intensifies the endogenous protective processes and regulates basic skin parameters, like skin hydration, sebum secretion, and melanin level. At night, it effectively detoxifies and activates natural repair mechanisms.


Effective Cleansing & Anti-Aging

Cleanology dry skin: very gentle cleansing supported mitigating, nourishing and deeply moisturizing substances.
Cleanology normal skin: ensuring long-lasting moisturizing level of the skin. Cleanology oily and combination: regulation of sebum secretion, sloughing dead epidermal cells, antibacterial and soothing effect without disturbing the natural protective layer of the skin.

Face & eyes zone

Rapid & Specialised Effects

Instantly responds to skin in need of revitalisation, regeneration and protection against harmful environmental factors. A combination of state-of-the-art ingredients, patented active complexes and precision application provides highly effective cosmetics with rapidly visible results. They help improve key skin parameters of the face and eye area: moisturisation, elasticity, firmness, skin tone and smoothness.

institute solutions

Beyond Classic Cosmetics

Inspired by professional treatments conducted at the Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Institutes and based on the scientific achievements of the Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research. The range goes beyond classic cosmetics, combining science and aesthetic medicine and providing immediate, visible results and optimal care benefits.


Multidirectional Skin Rejuvenation

Intensively smoothes and reduces visible signs of aging exacerbated by hormonal changes. A collection aimed for skin with visible wrinkles, irregularities and other signs of hormonal aging (redness, loss of moisture and elasticity, uneven tone, imperfections) and for skin requiring intense smoothing, hydration and improved elasticity.


Absolute Glow. No Wrinkles.

Effectively reduces discolourations, evens out the skin tone and subtly brightens up the skin. This series is intended for skin with uneven pigmentation caused by external factors (UV radiation), hormonal or natural ageing processes, as well as for skin in need of glow, renewal and revitalisation.


Intense Rejuvenation for Mature Skin

Intensively rejuvenates and holistically improves the condition of mature skin. Specially selected, highly nutrient lipids instantly reduce any dryness and roughness of the skin and soften the epidermis, improving the absorption of cosmetics. A line for mature skin with wrinkles, often dry, rough and devoid of youthful radiance.

body care

SPA Resort

Dr Irena Eris SPA RESORT offers the combination of sensual, relaxing care and unique benefits for the skin. Its remarkable ingredients, exceptional consistencies and intriguing scents will take you on an extraordinary skincare journey to amazing places on exotic islands.

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