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Why you Should Include Double Cleansing in your Daily Skincare Routine

Why you Should Include Double Cleansing in your Daily Skincare Routine

By M. Borriero
Hannah Barnes Dermalogica
Our face is constantly in contact with pollution, bacteria, dust, make-up and sunscreen. According to experts, when you don’t wash your face properly all these factors could potentially contribute to skin ageing, sensitivity, breakouts and hyperpigmentation. This week we spoke to Skin Expert and Training Specialist from Dermalogica Hannah Barnes, about the importance of double cleansing. Find out what is double cleansing, how this can help your skin and all its benefits.

What even is double cleansing?

Double Cleansing simply means to cleanse your skin twice. This forms the first part of what we call your ‘PREP’ phase. This is all about preparing your skin ready for any subsequent products. We always recommend performing your first cleanse with an oil-based cleanser. Dermalogica has two options; PreCleanse Oil for balanced/oily skin and PreCleanse Balm for balanced/dry skin.

Now, for any of you reading this with an oily skin, you might be wondering why you would want to put MORE oil on your skin. Well, think of PreCleanse Oil like a magnet, the plant-based oils in this product are naturally drawn to and bind to the excess oils on your skin. When you then add water, it transforms the oil into a light milk and when rinsed off, it washes away excess oils, dirt and debris from the skin.

From there our professional recommendation would be to follow with your second, skin specific cleanser. Dermalogica has multiple second cleansing options to help with all skin types and conditions. From Special Cleansing Gel, a foaming soap-free cleanser suitable for all skin types, to Skin Resurfacing Cleanser, a creamy foaming cleanser with Lactic Acid, suitable for a prematurely ageing skin.


How can double cleansing help my skin?

Double cleansing is the secret to healthy, ultra-clean skin. It’s working to ‘PREP’ or prepare your skin by easily removing layers of built-up make-up, products and oily debris, allowing your prescribed Dermalogica Cleanser to penetrate even further, for a professional level of clean.

Cleansing is so critical to help flush out the follicles in your skin of any excess oil or skin cells. If your skin is dirty, it simply cannot function effectively. Think about it, you couldn’t mop a floor until you’ve swept it. Double cleansing is about sweeping any surface debris off the skin, to allow the second cleanser to ‘mop’ the skin clean and to start treating your skin concern.

All in all, whether you’re concerned with breakouts, sensitivity, dry prematurely ageing skin or pigmentation - double cleansing is the quickest and easiest step towards giving you your healthiest skin ever.

What’s so special about the Dermalogica Double Cleanse?

We pioneered the concept of the double cleanse back in the 80’s, as our founder Jane Wurwand truly understood the importance of this process to achieve healthy skin.

Our double cleanse is unique because of the choice of products you have, to not only clean your skin but to start treating it. Your second cleanse isn’t just about cleaning your skin again, this is designed for you to harness the benefits of a more targeted cleanser to actually start treating your skin.
In addition to the options for your second cleanser, all Dermalogica cleansers are acid balanced to the skin. This is important because our skin is between 4-6 on the pH scale and if we use products on a regular basis that aren’t in line with that pH scale, our skin will start to become vulnerable to conditions like, dehydration and sensitisation.

Do you really have to double cleanse morning and evening?

Dermalogica Double Cleansing

In short, yes! It might only seem necessary in the evening but funnily enough your skin is just as active, if not more active in the night-time as it is during the day. 

During the day your skin is in defence mode, fighting away pollution and free radical damage. As well as any make-up or SPF on your skin from the day, it is necessary to double cleanse in the evening to remove all of these impurities, leaving your skin clean and refreshed for the evening ahead.

As you sleep your skin is actually working hard to repair all the damage from the daytime. There are also skin secretion processes that occur at night-time and therefore when you wake, it is necessary for you to clean your skin and get it ready for the cycle of to begin again. 

How do I know what products to use for my double cleanse?

Why you should include Double Cleansing in your daily skincare routine

The first place to start is to decide whether you would prefer PreCleanse Oil for balanced/oily skin or PreCleanse Balm for balanced/dry skin. Both are incredibly effective at removing SPF, make-up and dirt from the skin, but the PreCleanse Balm contains richer plant oils to help nourish a drier skin.

Next you need to think about what your skin type or main concern is and what textures you like. This will help you choose the best second cleanser. Here’s a quick guide to help you see the difference between all the cleansing options.



However, if you’re still unsure of the right options for you, we recommend speaking with a qualified skin therapist in store. Our Dermalogica experts can offer a complimentary FaceMapping Skin Analysis. This is an opportunity for an expert to assess your skin and develop a comprehensive plan of products and treatments, to help you achieve your healthiest possible skin.

In addition to this, if you come into store, you can have the opportunity to test the products and make sure you like the aroma and texture of the product.

Either way, double cleansing is the perfect place to start on the journey to your healthiest skin yet.




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